Rowing Boat

The sun ascended to its apex high
Traversing dawn’s rich clementine sky
Burning off the morning veil
Of misty haze so thin and frail

That it hung amid the old oak trees
Motionless without a breeze
Ethereal as a silken shroud
And humid as diluted cloud

That rolled in from the verdant shore
To creep across the forest floor
Drawing us to where reeds sweep
And bowed willows gently wither weep

Casting shadows on the surface still
Where drops of morning dew doth spill
And an ancient path of twisted wood
Over the cool deep water stood

With sun-baked timbers haphazardly lain
By long-ago hands as lined as the grain
Crusted with salt that glistened in light
And old fibrous ropes that gave up the fight

On pillars of trunks now dried and split
But to the elements would not submit
And sink beneath the surface down
Into the depths of river-silt brown

Creaking oars in weathered, rusted blocks
Disturbed the surface as if rocks
Had been hurled into the cloistered lake
To placid, glassy serenity break

But for those metronomic sprays
Prismatic in the high sun’s rays
That propelled us from the grassy bank
Out to where all turmoil sank

Where birds sang in full-throated ease
As they joyously danced on the soft, playful breeze
And our audience consisted of a solitary cloud
Carefree about passion spoken aloud

And all that was left was calm and free
A peaceful sense of tranquility
Where we could share a private word
Far away from all the world

Surrounded by numberless shades of green
Motionless as though a painted scene
Where prying eyes could neither see nor hear
And you and I could disappear.


A thousand poets could endless write
and never find words to capture the sight
of heaven in eyes of deepest blue,
that I adore and inspiration drew.
They beckoned me closer to the edge
of love’s unstable rocky ledge,
where my fate was sealed with a single kiss
as I quenched my lips in clinging bliss.
A smile as warm as the summer sun
and all was lost, I was undone.
I am yours, my maiden fair,
and pity those poets in their despair.

First Light

We leave the kitchen a mess
of spilt milk, crumbled bread crust, and honey
dripping from a forgotten jar.

Breakfast is on crumpled sheets
clenched between tight fingers
and crushed under the weight of two.

Your heavy breath whispered between
hard kisses sinks beneath my skin
and warms my soul.

I can taste your scent in my mouth
as if licked from your hot skin:
hints of orange peel body scrub.

Heaven is to drink in your lips
and savour the taste of your tongue
exploring behind my teeth.

I live for these moments, bathed in sunlight,
teasing with those almost kisses and the
love that lives between them.

Lazy fingertips trace swells and valleys
of tight, aching flesh and
lacquered delicate creases.

But grace and ease give way
to tangled limbs that clutch and seize
with ever greater urgency.

The prickling heat of sweet agony is cooled
by the beads of sweat on our skin,
shimmering at sunrise like rain-soaked alabaster.

We dance in the glow of scattered amber,
an undulating braid of slick, hot love
and whispered, saliva-streaked worship.

Kiss better the red, burning marks
of lustful possession and
speak French between my thighs.

Breathless we writhe, clammy tussled hair
clinging to my face like a shroud
hiding hungry eyes all ablaze.

And without warning we set fire to the world
around us as we are voraciously consumed
until nothing remains.

You asked for everything I had to give
and without hesitation
my body answered.

And there we lie, sated and cocooned
in damp white cotton, gasping for air.
Just freckles and sunshine.

Spun Sugar And Caramel Cream

Playful bright pinks and soft pastel blues,
Tangerine sherbet on the horizon infuse
A palette of evening hues
Which your heart and soul embrace with delight,
The majestic display of the eventide light.

Watching a consumed sun cast its last dying rays
Igniting cloud wisps in an empyrean blaze,
A final act of the day,
That washes gold sunlight so warm on your skin
That you eagerly relish it like a covetous sin.

As you lie on soft sand dunes with rushes that sway
And tufts of wild grass that whisper all day,
Yet have nothing to say,
But you’re happy to listen to for hours on end
Like the catch-up coffee stories of a long absent friend.

And breathe in the perfume of the salty sea air
And the comforting essence of her wavy beach hair,
Sun-bleached so flaxen fair,
Yet still damp from the sea like summer driftwood
And the surf and sand fragrance so alluringly good.

Yet sweet like spun sugar and caramel cream
Flowing around shoulders of a delectable dream,
Tracing an enticing dress seam,
Then hugging the curve of a delicate breast
That rises and falls with the breath in her chest.

And you could try to resist the inevitable kiss
Of slow-growing lust and a sigh of sweet bliss.
You’re so nervous you almost miss,
But your hand finds the warmth of her soft-swelling bust
As your tongue tastes the salt on her lips like a dust,

And she smiles in a way that makes your heart soar
As it beats in your chest harder than ever before.
You’ve both wanted more.
So what better way to excitedly cast off your clothes,
Than with a breeze on your skin and warm sand in your toes.

Cherry Tree

In the mellow warm amber of evening’s late sun,
Like the verdant green vines that round the trunks run,
Under a cherry tree in secluded cool shade
Our bodies will weave a labyrinthine braid.

Of slow moving limbs that seek only to find
Curious hands of a similar kind.
Toying with playfulness and affection for you
Until your cheeks blush a sweet rosy hue.

And we’ll giggle and laugh in the soft-dying day,
Our hair like the blossom in the gentle breeze sway.
Like two buzzing bees amongst the wild flowers,
Dancing on tiptoes for long lazy hours.

And when you grow weary I’ll find you a bed,
A welcoming bosom to pillow your head,
And sing you soft lullabies until on the deep
You can drift on the tide of content peaceful sleep.

Safe in the knowledge that when the sun’s rays
Sink in the West in a heavenly blaze
That wrapped in my arms, content you will be,
Lay under the stars and our small cherry tree.

Carry Me Far Away

I wish the tide would lift me up
And carry me far away,
Further from the things of man
Than those who wish to stay.

Drifting slowly from the shore
Far out into the sea.
No more broken promises,
Now just the waves and me.

No more pain and sorrow,
No more footprints in the sand
To fade away on the ebbing tide
And leave my pain on land.

Just a hollow vessel now,
Floating forlorn on the deep.
Salty brine upon my cheeks
Like the tears I cannot weep.

I wish the tide would lift me up
And carry me far away,
Further from the things of man
Than those who wish to stay.

I Do Not Love You

I do not love you like a whisper on a breeze,
Or softly as the warm summer rain.
I am consumed each day by a ruthless hunger,
That glows like a burning ember buried deep inside.

We exist like a fire in potentia,
Waiting for the breath from that first kiss
To ignite an unforgiving and unrelenting blaze
That will devour us both once it is set free.

I do not love you like the morning welcomes the sun
With the sweet lullaby of dawn’s chorused bird-song.
We are as forces of nature, wild and impassioned,
Like a fierce storm that roars out in the open sea.

We love like the collision of two unstoppable elements
With the frenzied momentum of a desire so strong,
That only chaos marks our passing
From serenity into pandemonium.

I do not love you like a passion tempered by time,
But eagerly as the early hours of an embrace.
We love as though a lifetime had been spent just waiting,
Now one minute past having struck the midnight hour.

We live and breathe as a furious tempest,
Consuming with whole-hearted passion
All that we can possibly fare,
Seizing every second and giving nothing back.

Warm Sunshine

We linger awhile upon the grass
Where chequered shadows of clouds doth pass,
Shrouding the sun and its warming rays reach
Before passing on to let the summer heat preach.

How quiet it is, this peaceful scene,
As though all were lost and no longer seen.
Washed away with the last heavy rain
So that you and I are all that remain.

A sight more beautiful could not be seen
Surrounded by flowers in rich pastures green,
And fruit-bearing boughs that hang heavy and deep,
Rich with ripe harvest now ready to reap.

The clouds bloom amber in the soft-dying day
And a playful breeze dances amid the rolling reeds sway.
It is the perfume of summer on warm days like these
That could calm any soul to a soft peaceful ease.

All except I who wish to fall into bliss:
The mellow fruitfulness of your soft swollen kiss.
My thoughts cannot hide, thus were to be caught,
A mind laid bare without innocent thought.

She who hath only an ember of fire
Whose heat slowly spreads to ignite a desire,
To kiss tenderly your lips of rich mellow wine
As we drink our fill of the warm sunshine.

The Fall

Lips to lips, a soul to kiss
To rouse you from a peaceful sleep.
I look into your quiet eyes
And drink you in, but never too deep.

For I could lose my steady footing,
Precariously balanced, I risk it all.
Should I step back to assured safety,
Or take a leap and brave the fall?

I feel a sense of vertigo
As I balance upon the edge,
Of whispering the three small words
That only lovers pledge.

Your smile envelopes me, head to toe,
In a soothing warm embrace.
I feel a flutter in my stomach,
And a blush upon my face.

I lose my grip, my fingers slip,
You’re all I’ve ever craved.
I’m falling for you, hard and fast,
No chance of being saved.

Sic Luceat Lux

Latin Translation: Thus let the light shine.

Too long in love with easeful darkness,
Replete with sorrow, filled to the seam.
Plucked from its depths to bask in light’s caress,
As if slipping supinely into a dream.

Poured forth from my lips my soul as sultry prose,
From a heart as heavy as weathered stone.
Words softly whispered, cadences a hundredfold,
From naught but love, and flesh, and bone.

The warming amber of dusk’s feathered gold
Smouldered above a vast ocean of deep blue and green.
Like a painting of heaven from rich days of old.
Like a vision no mortal should ever have seen.

The endless sky surrendered from dusk to twilight
In a cooling myriad of warm vivid hues.
To a somber cobalt from midsummer white,
Like an abdication from a playful muse.

With night, the indigo-ink of midnight true
Bled onto a darkened canvas of coastline, hewn
By reed-scattered sand dunes bathed in blue
From a full and lustrous summer’s moon.

Where I yearned to embrace her in eventide mirth,
And lose oneself forever and an age,
In her endless eyes not of this earth,
Like an angel of grace set free from its cage.

Soft of thigh and moist of lip,
In passion, swollen bosom heaved.
From her tender kiss I longed to sip
A stirring potion of sweet reprieve.

Sweeter than droplets of elderflower dew
And softer than snowflakes that fall in mid-spring,
I fell and sank into her embrace anew,
Not a word to say, nor a song to sing.

The fresh incense of honeyed peach and pear
Lingered upon the midnight breeze,
Where enraptured, I relished the essence fair
Of two souls embalmed in shadow’s tease.

The culmination of passion’s release
So desperately longed for, set me free.
Plucked my lifeless body from the earth
And helped it grow from seed to tree.

From the darkest places cursed to wander,
Fathomless and immeasurably deep,
My heartache grief now cast asunder.
All the joyous pleasures were ours to reap.

On cool soft sands I held my prize,
Under a canopy of countless stars from afar.
A million sparkles danced in her eyes
With all the lustre and beauty of a falling star.

So tender the night which bathed her from on high,
A full moon of majesty and her starry court.
Granted by heaven, and with a gentle breeze sighed
A soft caress of love import.