Summer Sucks

Phil was one lucky son of a bitch. They say that hell hath no fury like a woman scorned, and Evelyn Summer was a woman who took her sunshine very seriously. She would have quite happily murdered the local Channel Twelve weatherman should his prediction of a heat wave not have come to fruition. Fortunately for him, however, he had been spared the wrath of a woman who had just booked two weeks off work to enjoy the July heat. If her vacation fortnight had resulted in a fourteen-day downpour, old Phil from Channel 26 would’ve been in big trouble.

With the promise of endless sunshine for the next fourteen days and the opportunity to enjoy it in peace and quiet, Evie had spanked the plastic and splashed out on some expensive new garden furniture and a selection of sexy little bikinis. Now that the fierce summer heat had finally arrived, all that was left to do was relax in the garden and soak up the rays. A long, lazy afternoon working on her tan and sipping on an adult beverage had been the plan, that was until the irritating metallic grinding noise of a petrol mower had started up next door.

Evie lay in her new sun-lounger and tried to filter out the high-pitched whine from the old, rusty engine. Everything had been so perfect just thirty-seconds earlier. She was shimmering head-to-toe in a delicious smelling coconut sun cream, and her gorgeous little lemon-yellow bikini fit to her curves like a second skin. A tall glass of cloudy lemonade with a dash of rum sat on the small table next to her, clinking quietly as it slowly devoured the ice cubes floating on the top. It was a pleasant sound, synonymous with hot summer days, but unfortunately, now one that was being brutally drowned out by a mechanical drone that made her grind her teeth.

It was no good. She’d looked forward to her days off too long to have them spoiled by an over zealous gardener.

“Fucking loud annoying rumblin’ bastard…” Evie grumbled to herself as she stood up and stomped over to the waist-high wooden fence that started just past a tall hedge-line.

Evie froze mid-wave when she saw who was making all the noise. Either her neighbour, Mr. Wilson, had regressed in age by about fifty years, or a handsome young man was mowing his lawn for him. She was about to catch the boy’s attention but suddenly couldn’t bring herself to do it. The way the vibrations of the machine rippled up the sinews in his strong arms and across his strapping bare chest was hypnotising.

She nibbled on her bottom lip and glanced over the top of her mirrored aviators as she enjoyed the show. Each time the muscles across his impressive torso clenched, she had the sudden and irresistible urge to run over and rub her hands all over his well-defined abs. It felt like she’d just walked into the middle of a Diet Coke commercial. The daydream was unfortunately shattered when the mower engine abruptly cut out and the young man looked up.

“Hi,” he said as he strolled slowly towards the fence.

“Hello,” replied Evie with a friendly smile.

“Is the noise bothering you?” His tone was apologetic as he motioned towards the lawn behind him. “I won’t be much longer.”

“No, it’s fine,” she lied. “I’ve not seen you around before, are you a friend of the Wilsons’?”

“Yes, ma’am. It’s too hot for Bill to do this kind of work, especially at his age.”

“That’s really nice of you to help him out,” Evie replied as she curled a lock of her hair around her finger. “So, are you on break from college or…?”

“I’m a sophomore at San Diego. Just earning a few extra bucks before next semester.”

The young man smiled when he spoke. Evie couldn’t help but admire how handsome he was when he ran his fingers through his soft dark hair. It was a nothing gesture, yet the way his bicep bulged when his arm bent at the elbow made her weak at the knees. Just being this close to him felt dangerous.

Just as Evie began to wonder if there might be a possibility of a mutual attraction between them, Mr. Hunky did not disappoint. Each time he thought she wasn’t looking, his eyes roamed the full, sensuous swell of Evie’s breasts. Her large, mirrored sunglasses hid the fact that she was observing him leer at her tits. Knowing that she could turn a young man’s head made Evie feel all the more confident and attractive, even if it did require some revealing beachwear. Her new bikini really did not leave very much to the imagination.

At one point as they made friendly small talk, the young man’s gaze dropped down to the tiny scrap of yellow fabric covering her mound. The way his lips parted ever so slightly made her hope he was thinking about licking what it covered. Evie didn’t mind. After all, she was mentally undressing him the same way.

Sweat had beaded all over his tanned body and was glistening in the midday sun. It ran down in tiny little rivulets along the tight curves of his abdomen, the same way condensation trickles down the outside of a tall glass of ice water. It would have been fruitless to fight the urge to follow their path all the way down to his waistline.

It was then that she noticed something that made her mouth dry. Every woman with a passion for men has a particular physical feature that drives them insane. For some it’s a rippling six-pack, for others it is a nice tight arse, but for Evie, it was the plunging, muscular V-shape that sits just above their groin. She just stared at his and tried not to drool. It was like an arrow pointing downwards; a private invitation for her to imagine what impressive anatomy lay hidden away underneath his clothing.

On the outside, Evie was doing a good job of playing it cool, but inside she was as red hot as a nymphomaniac on death row. Would it be so bad to tackle him to the ground right there in the garden American-football-style and have her wicked way with him behind the rose bush? He might only have been twenty or so, but he had the physique of a god. Evie tucked a stray lock of brunette hair behind her ear and pursed her lips. In one of those inexplicable moments where your mouth utters a series of words before your brain has time to work out if you really wanted to say them, she had already asked the question.

“I don’t suppose you’d be interesting in doing me would you?”

“I’m sorry?”

“I mean, doing a little garden work for me. I’d pay you, of course. It just needs a bit of tidying up really.”

“Oh. Yeah, sure thing,” he replied with a friendly smile. “I could maybe come over tomorrow morning?”

“That would be great.”

“I’m Mark, by the way.”

His proffered hand felt hot as it enclosed hers. She immediately wondered how those large, warm hands would feel grasping different parts of her body in the heat of a sexual frenzy. A mental image of them grasping her bare ass cheeks as she ground obscenely on his lap quickly flashed across her consciousness.

“Evie Summer.”

“Nice to meet you, Miss Summer.”

A new warmth began to spread through her body as she relaxed back into the padded cushion of her new sun lounger. A wild flurry of inappropriate thoughts whipped around inside her head and took the form of her new gardener. What started as a gentle ache between her thighs soon blossomed until it begged for a hand to be slipped down inside her bikini bottoms. She dared not risk the embarrassment of getting caught though. For now, Evie knew she would have to be content with just the pleasurable torment of her wicked imagination.

Night brought with it no relief from the relentless heat that smothered everything in an oppressive shroud. Evie tossed and turned until eventually kicking off the damp bed cover that stuck to her skin. When she eventually drifted off, carried away in the arms of Morpheus, it was not ice cream cones and air conditioning that she dreamt of. It was Mark that tiptoed quietly into her dreams, materialising silently like a shape in the mist. Although she was initially flustered by his presence, he soon became a welcome figment of her fantasy. A coy smile curled her moist lips as in her mind he slowly undressed for her. The foreplay was slow and excruciating but preceded a vigorous and most savage mauling. He was like a wild animal between the sheets, grasping and pinning her body as they writhed against each other. He gave no quarter and took whatever it was that he wanted.

Evie awoke in the early hours, gasping for breath as her body shook with the flood with adrenaline coursing through her veins. Her cheeks burned a hot red and her sheets were soaked with sweat. She didn’t care how improper her fantasy might have been. It was what she now craved. Her body burned, adrift on a boiling sea of sexual frustration. She was slowly drowning in the desperate, urgent need to fuck.

Evie slipped her hand into her damp panties and roughly finished the job her dream of Mark had started. She strummed her clit with a desperation and hunger that only a gut-wrenching orgasm can sate. She bit her bottom lip to keep from calling out into the silence of 4 am, then melted into her pillow as her body was set ablaze. Her arms and legs clenched up tight, then shook as her climax tore through her from head to toe. She shuddered and twitched through an endorphin high the likes of which she had never known, before slipping into a deep and peaceful sleep.


Evie leaned on the worktop and watched Mark in a dreamy haze from the large kitchen window. He had been out in the garden all morning, working hard to tidy up her poorly maintained backyard. She’d been keeping an eye on him since he’d first arrived, gazing longingly across the dry, dusty lawn as she distractedly tapped her fingernails on the black-slate kitchen counter. Hot sweat had soaked into his steel gray t-shirt, leaving dark patches visible on the worn cotton. Much to her delight, the moisture made it cling to his body, wrapping it tightly around his muscled torso.

All of southern California was now officially in a heat wave and by high noon, everything not in the shade was mercilessly scorched by the midday sun. Evie rested her head on her hands and stared at the young man. He was tall, athletic, and exceptionally handsome. The memory of the night before flitted across her mind as she admired his raw sexuality. She wondered if he had any inkling of the effect he had had on her. She wondered if he had a girlfriend and if she had enjoyed the attention last night that she now craved.

Fantasising about Mark was a dangerous game. Just the thought of him peeling off his sweat-soaked clothes had once again made a hot sticky mess of her panties. In bed the night before, it was the scandalous thoughts of that young man which had started something her fingers had needed to finish. She’d only known him one day and he was already becoming a perilous addiction.

After a few hours slaving over the brittle, straw-like grass and the oily hot metal of her neglected mower, Mark’s work was finished and he came in out of the heavy, oppressive heat. He looked sun-beaten and tired as he trudged in through the back door into the shade. His shirt was soaked with sweat and smeared with grease from the old rust-bucket he’d been pushing around her lawn. Before she could make a friendly comment about his mucky appearance, Mark peeled off his t-shirt and hung it over the back of a chair. Evie’s eyes fixed on a washboard stomach so hard it made her gasp. One word slipped from her lips before she could think to stop herself.


“What was that?” asked Mark.

“Hmm?” she replied and flashed him a quick smile as though she hadn’t mumbled anything. “You’ve done a really fantastic job today. Here, you look like you could use one of these.”

Mark took the bottle of water Evie had offered him and drank the mercifully cold liquid before letting out a sigh of relief.

“Oh God, I needed that,” gasped Mark with a toast of his half-empty water bottle. “Thanks, Miss Summer.”

“You’re welcome.”

From the moment Mark stepped through the back door his eyes had been glued to Evie’s slim figure. She’d purposely picked one of her sexier outfits to wear as a kind of conscious flirtation. Thin shoulder straps held a light white viscose which plunged daringly deep at the front. The boy had been her eye-candy all morning, so why not return the favour? Evie casually leaned back against the edge of the large oak kitchen table. She’d been waiting for Mark to take his shirt off all morning and now that he had, admiring his body from just a few feet away was heavenly. It was like her own private striptease, yet unfortunately, one that stopped at the top half.

“Must be hard work pushing that heavy thing around. You look like you’re pretty fit though.”

“Oh, thanks,” he responded, “I like to work out. You know, keep in good shape.”

“You’re certainly doing that.”

Evie flashed him a quick smile which Mark returned with an embarrassed sort of grin. He was playing it coy, but she knew Mark had a crush on her. She’d caught him checking her out over the fence the day before and he had been doing the same when he’d first shown up that morning at the house. She hadn’t helped matters by pretending to have overslept and answering the door in her panties and a baggy old t-shirt. Mark had practically drooled at the sight of her shapely bottom in a pair of bubblegum-pink cheekies.

The look in his eyes as he’d stared at her was one hundred and eighty proof, triple-distilled lust. Young men that age always had about them an air of animalistic hunger when around half naked women. They craved sex – it was the hormones. Even glancing at him now she didn’t know whether wanted to fuck her or eat her. To be honest either would have been fine with her. What she did know, however, was that her poor pussy had been aching at the thought of it all afternoon.

Evie took a deep breath and tried to think of something to take her mind off the half-naked Adonis stood six feet away from her in her kitchen. She ran through everything she could think of: items to add to the grocery shopping list, things to take to the barbecue at the Anderson’s next Sunday, the big fat cock stuffed into the front of Mark’s shorts. The heat was driving her fucking crazy.

Evie was struggling with the justification of saying something to Mark. What if she did say something but he took it the wrong way? What if she offered herself to him without condition he rejected her advances? Evie swallowed hard and made a decision. It wasn’t enough anymore just to watch him from the window and imagine touching his hot, naked body. She’d spiraled helplessly into a vicious cycle and now craved nothing but to taste him. A leap of faith was required if she was going to slake her thirst.

“Mark,” Evie said quietly.

“Yeah?” he replied, before taking another long drink from the water bottle.

“Would you like me to suck your cock?”

There was a bulging of his cheeks before the boy spat up his drink so hard Evie thought it was going to come out of his eyes. She watched as the water sprayed from his mouth like a park sprinkler and covered most of the top of the kitchen counter. As he coughed and spluttered trying to catch his breath, the rest of what he’d been trying to swallow trickled down his smooth, muscled chest.

“Oh shit, I’m so sorry,” Mark babbled, staring at the dripping countertop. “I don’t know what happened.”

“That’s all right. It’s only water.”

He flashed her an apologetic smile as she started to dab up the droplets with some tissue. He was clearly embarrassed about what she’d just said and Evie thought that was cute. He was a hunk of a young man and must have been drowning in attractive young girls, yet he became all flustered when she flirted with him.

She again perched her bottom on the edge of the kitchen table, but this time parted her legs slightly and leaned back to rest on her hands. As her back arched provocatively, her breasts rose and pushed out against the thin fabric of her dress. She wasn’t wearing a bra and knew her nipples were visible through the almost sheer material. More importantly, the hem of her light dress slowly rode up to mid-thigh exposing just the tiniest glimpse of her panties underneath.

“It’s so hot,” she said to herself in a seductive whisper. Evie tilted her head back and swished her long brunette hair from side to side. She could feel beads of sweat trickling down between her breasts. Her skin had flushed a hot pink colour despite the fact that she was wearing as little fabric as she could get away with before technically being naked.

“Roasting,” mumbled Mark in agreement.

Evie opened one eye and glanced at the young man, only to see him staring intently at the gap between her legs. As soon as he noticed her watching, he quickly looked away.

“So?” she asked him.


“I asked if you’d like me to suck your cock.” Evie looked straight into his wide eyes which looked genuinely shocked. It felt a little like teasing your prey before going in for the kill. “You didn’t answer.”

Mark’s mouth hung open like he was catching flies, but there was an unmistakable swelling in the front of his shorts which was beginning to tighten the cotton.

“You were serious?!”

Evie didn’t answer, she just sauntered casually over to the topless boy and without saying a word, slowly lowered herself to her knees in front of him. She spoke quietly as her fingers began to unbutton the waistband of his shorts.

“Yes, I was.”

“Woah, Miss Sum…”

“Shhh,” Evie whispered as she lowered Mark’s shorts to his ankles.

The impressive bulge in his navy blue boxer shorts made her pussy clench. She ran her hand over the swollen length, caressing it through the thin cotton as she imagined how good it would feel to finally wrap her lips around it.

“Come on, when’s the last time a pretty girl gave you a blow job?”

“Actually, it’s been a while,” he replied in a tense voice.

“Really?” asked Evie, more than a little surprised. “I’d have thought a handsome guy like you would be drowning in sorority hotties.”

“I’m a bit shy,” mumbled Mark.

Evie gripped his boxers at the elastic waist and peeled them down to join his shorts on the floor.

“I can help you with that if you want.”

With one hand she gripped his hard, hot flesh which had sprung up once freed from its restraints in his underwear. He sighed as her fingers closed around his throbbing erection.

“That feels so good.”

“Just relax,” she whispered as she circled his smooth scrotum with her thumb and index finger, then tugged downwards gently until he gasped.

Evie couldn’t believe she was actually on her knees in front of Mark. Her heart was pounding in her chest, and she could feel the flood of adrenaline hit her bloodstream as she thought about what was to come. The prim and proper Evelyn Summer was slowly dissolving into a horny, cock-hungry slut who was licking her lips at the thought of forbidden fellatio.

Mark’s cock was fucking gorgeous. It was long and thick with a large, circumcised head. Textbook dick. Even his balls were big and heavy in her hand just as she liked. That just meant he was desperately in need of some loving female attention, thought Evie.

“It has been a while, huh? Aww, you poor thing,” she cooed.

Mark was the first guy she’d touched sexually since her ex-boyfriend had run off with a little barmaid whore before Christmas. It wasn’t until that moment, grasping his hard dick in her hands, that she realised how much she’d missed the intimate human contact. She knew seducing Mark was wrong, but she no longer cared. Evie looked up at him and in a soft, husky voice, whispered quietly the words every young man his age wants to hear.

“I’m going to suck you dry.”

“Oh fuck!” hissed Mark as the swollen head of his cock slipped between Evie’s lips.

Her mouth felt so hot on his sensitive skin that it almost burned. He gripped the edge of the kitchen counter tightly as her tongue seared a path of indescribable pleasure around his sensitive glans. Their gaze met as he looked down and she looked up. He watched with growing excitement as her head began to bob up and down, slowly taking more and more of his cock into her mouth each time.

Evie could tell from Mark’s expression that his sexual experience was limited. She loved the way he looked at her. His eyes were starting to get heavy with the haze of sexual pleasure, but the hunger was still there. She could already feel his balls tightening and knew he wouldn’t be able to last long. Dizzy with the excitement and lewdness of the act, she relaxed her jaw and slid his big cock all the way down her throat until her nose was buried in his trimmed patch of dark pubic hair. He smelled musky and masculine which was just how she’d fantasised.

When she pulled back and let Mark’s cock slip free of her mouth, it shot straight up and slapped against his abdomen, glistening with a liberal coating of her saliva. The vigour of youth, she mused and smiled to herself before angling it back down and swallowing it eagerly. Mark moaned and rolled his hips forward, unable to control how his body was reacting. His tight frame tingled head to toe as his muscles trembled, desperate to release the pent up tension. His balls started to ache as Evie continued to tug them downwards away from his crotch.

She bobbed her head up and down steadily, only breaking the metronomic rhythm in order to gaze up into his eyes as she twirled her tongue around his swollen head. The way she flicked it quickly over the sensitive tight skin on the underside of his dick made him clench his teeth. Working just the tip, Evie’s full lips sucked and flared back and forth over the prominent ridge of his cock. She could feel the fire burning between her thighs and the throbbing, desperate need for an orgasm starting to consume her. She released Mark’s gorgeous shaved balls and slipped her hand down inside the wet, lacy material of her underwear.

She split her hot, swollen peach with two fingers and plunged them deep inside her quivering core. Evie couldn’t remember the last time she’d been so sexually aroused. Her nipples were so tight they ached as the light summer fabric of her dress brushed against them, and her clit throbbed as it rubbed against her palm.

Mark started to groan. He sounded like he was in pain but nothing could have been further from the truth. It reverberated from deep inside his heaving chest and made Evie shiver from head to toe. She could tell he was starting to feel the pressure build within.

“Oh, fuck, Miss Summer!”

“You gonna come for me?” asked Evie as she frantically strummed her fingers over her clit, each digit slick with her sweet, sticky cum.

Mark just nodded his head with his eyes clamped tightly shut.

“Come in my mouth, Mark. I want to swallow every drop.”

The dirty talk had its intended effect on the young man. Sacrificing her own climax, Evie quickly pulled her hand free of her panties and shuffled forward on her knees. She wrapped her arms around his slim waist and grasped his firm bare buttocks. With his entire throbbing length buried deep in her throat, she felt Mark’s tight arse clench hard in her hands as he began to come.

“Fuuuck,” he growled loudly.

Mark threw his head back and gritted his teeth as the most intense orgasm of his life rocked his body. Every muscle in his abdomen flexed and contorted with each pulsating jet of cum that surged from his core erupting from his iron cock. The sensation of Evie’s throat tightening as she held him buried inside her was mind-blowing. Slowly she pulled back and allowed Mark to fill her mouth with the rest of his seed. She felt his hard flesh throb with each tight clench until the poor thing shook all over. When he had finally shuddered his last and slumped back heavily against the kitchen counter, Evie slowly savoured then swallowed the sweetest taste of impropriety.

The muscles in Mark’s back and thighs twitched uncontrollably as he gasped for air. His white knuckles betrayed the effort it was taking to remain standing as he held onto the edge of the counter for support. Evie sat back on her haunches and allowed Mark’s saliva-slicked cock to slip from her mouth. She stood up slowly and licked from her top lip a stray drop of cum. Despite her heart pounding furiously in her chest at the outrageous act she had just committed on her knees, she couldn’t help but smile as she looked at the contentment on the young man’s face. She ran a single, manicured finger down Mark’s chest between his pecs, and then slipped it into her mouth to savour the salty taste of her efforts.

“You bad boy,” she whispered with a smile.

When Mark was once again able to think straight, he pulled his boxers and shorts up from the floor and re-dressed. Evie just watched him, still able to taste the remnants of his semen on her lips. They caught each other’s gaze and both smiled as Mark was buttoning up his shorts.

“I’m sorry that I have to dash off,” said Mark in an apologetic tone as he slung his dirty t-shirt over his shoulder. “I should really have left a while ago.”

“Do you really need to go already?”

“Yeah, I’m pretty late as it is,” he replied and started walking unsteadily towards the front door. Evie loved the fact that he’d come so hard his legs weren’t yet working properly.

“No, that’s all right. I understand. Thank you for helping me out today, Mark.”

“No problem,” he replied, and wondered what exactly it was that she was referring to.

“Perhaps you could come over again tomorrow?”

The flirtatious smile she flashed him as they reached the front door made Mark grin like an idiot. Evie nibbled on her bottom lip and leaned against the wall like a young girl asking a boy out on a first date. To seal the deal, Evie traced a fingertip between the swell of her glossy, flushed breasts and gave him a puppy-dog look. The young man swallowed hard as he stared intently at her supple flesh.

“I could do that,” Mark nodded. “Do you want me to spend the day in the garden?”

“Actually,” Evie leaned forward and pressed her breasts into his hot, bare chest as she wrapped her arms around his neck. “I was thinking you could spend the day in me.”

Mark’s breath caught in his throat as her lips brushed against his and she planted on him a slow, passionate kiss. She ran her tongue over his tight lips until he loosened up enough to return the gesture as she wanted. Even his mouth tasted good.

“Don’t be so nervous,” she chided playfully when their lips parted.

“About tomorrow,” he started with a more confident smile. “I might have to check my calendar.”

“Oh really?” Evie replied with a knowing smirk. “You do that.”

Mark opened the front door and stumbled over his own feet as he backed across the front porch. Watching where he was going would have helped him considerably but his eyes preferred the view of Evie Summer leaning against the door frame. She giggled at his clumsiness as she watched him leave. As he reached the sidewalk, Mark turned back with a huge smile on his face that he was unable to contain any longer.

“I’ll be here bright and early!”

Subliminal Boobage

“Hey, Dan.”


One thing Dan really liked about sharing a house with a girl as opposed to other guys was that they always smelled great. Gone were the bags of two-week old sweaty gym clothes and post-curry farting competitions. The hell of olfactory foulness had been replaced by a bouquet of feminine delights. Whatever expensive perfume his new housemate had doused herself in this afternoon was particularly pleasant and immediately distracted him from what he was doing. Dan momentarily glanced up from his iPad as she breezed passed him.

“Jesus Christ, woman! Would you put some fucking clothes on?”

The bubbly and ever-exuberant Natalie had just bounded into the living room wearing nothing but a black lace bra. True to form, she completely ignored Dan’s protestation and began buzzing around the untidy room, lifting up sofa cushions and looking behind the furniture.

“I’m trying to find my lucky panties. Have you seen them?”

Utterly distracted by her quest to find her sexiest little scrap of lace, she bent at the waist and started fishing around the empty pizza boxes and fashion magazines that littered the coffee table. Dan’s eyes strayed from the episode of Archer he was watching on Netflix and rose up to the perfectly round, firm bottom that wiggled enticingly two feet in front of him. Even on pain of death, he could not have prevented his gaze from eventually focusing on the smooth, pouting peach of a pussy at the apex of her thighs. It was absolutely gorgeous. He hadn’t seen any girly bits in almost a year and even those more closely resembled a hairy coconut compared to this hairless little snatch.



“You’re winking at me, love.”

“I’m what?” she replied, and then giggled when she realised what he meant. “Oh, sorry.”

Dan shook his head and sat up straight. They had only been housemates for six weeks but apart from the place smelling a lot nicer, it had been a fucking nightmare. Natalie was a lovely girl. She was funny, and sweet, and easy to get along with, but she traipsed around the house wearing practically nothing. It obviously hadn’t occurred to her that Dan was a red blooded male with needs that he was currently having to satisfy by himself with a bottle of hand lotion. Only two days before he had walked in to find her completely naked, standing in front of the pedestal fan in the kitchen like a starfish, ‘air drying’ after a shower.

“Which ones are your lucky ones?”

“The bubblegum-pink thong.”

“Oh, you mean that thing you floss your arse with? No, I haven’t seen it.” Dan turned his attention back to his tablet computer. “It’s bad enough I get your tight, tank-top, no-bra subliminal boobage the rest of the time but…”

“Subliminal boobage?” she questioned, turning around and resting a hand on her jutting hip.

“Your tits, Nat. Your awesome, firm, gorgeous, perky tits. In my face! But now you’re traipsing around flashing your, your…”


“Your…” Dan waved his hand about, struggling for the most appropriate word now he’d been put on the spot. “Front… lady flappage.”

Suddenly the mobile phone sat on the coffee table began to chime.


Natalie snatched up her phone and ran her fingers through her tousled hair as she answered it.

“Hey, baby,” she cooed into the handset like a horny little sex kitten.

Dan rolled his eyes.

“What?” Nat asked, suddenly sounding incredulous. “You’re standing me up to watch Manchester United play Chelsea? Are you fucking kidding me?!”

Dan slid down further into the armchair and grimaced behind his iPad. Bad move.

“Yeah? Well, I guess your dick can suck itself from now on!”

Natalie hung up the call, gave her iPhone the finger, and then launched it across the room where it landed in the dried-up pot of a long dead house plant.

“Fate hates me, that’s what it is,” she said to no one in particular. “I feel like life just jizzed in its hand and slapped me across the face.”


Natalie trudged over to the two-seater sofa and flopped down onto it face first. A big cushion was propping up her hips and bottom which were now raised at a deliciously inviting angle. It reminded Dan of those massage porn videos where is was only a matter of time before the impossibly endowed blonde getting oiled up on the table was given some extra special treatment.

“Nat, listen, I’m really sorry you got stood up but please listen to me when I tell you this,” Dan shuffled uncomfortably in his chair. “My dick is so hard right now I could use it to drill through walls. Pretty please with cherries on top, would you put some fucking clothes on?”

“How could he do that to me?” she asked, completely ignoring his desperate pleas. Her voice was muffled by the cushion her face was pressed into. “I’ve been looking forward to going out all afternoon. I even got a wax and everything.”

She rolled over, propped herself up into a slouched sitting position, and ran her fingers over her smooth pubic mound.

“Like a piece of silk,” she whispered to herself forlornly as Dan ground his teeth.

She took her bra off and dropped it over the side of the couch with a contented sigh.

“I was finally gonna let him fuck me tonight as well.”

“Nat!” Dan shouted exasperatedly. “You can’t tell me shit like that! We’re friends, yes, but I’m a guy and you’re… really, really naked.”

“I can’t help it. The anticipation’s been there all day, you know? You’re really easy to talk to and now I’m really fucking horny.” She rolled over to face him, resting her head on her hand. With her index finger, she began to trace little circles on the sofa whilst she nibbled on her bottom lip. “Talk about sex with me.”

Dan gave up. He turned off his iPad and dropped it onto the coffee table with a frustrated grunt.

“Can’t I just suffocate you with one of those cushions instead?”

“Come on, when’s the last time you got laid?”

“Too fucking long.” Dan paused and took a deep breath to try and chill. He thought about it for a moment and then mumbled a reply. “Probably nine months.”

“Nine months? Jesus, no wonder you’re hard.”

“Yeah, well that’s your fault.”

“Sorry about that,” she chuckled and again nibbled on her bottom lip. “Show me your cock.”

“What? Why?”

“Why not? You’ve seen me naked.”

“You never wear any clothes.”

Before he could say another word Natalie quickly stood up, walked over to his chair, and knelt down on the floor next to him.

“Stop being a pussy. Come on. I want to see it.”

Dan’s cock was throbbing in his pants. He had no doubt she could already see the bulge in his denim. Against his better judgment, he began to unbutton his jeans which took longer than normal as he kept fumbling the brass stud at the waist.

“You’re not winding me up, are you?” he asked as a final confirmation before exposing himself.

She just shook her head and rested her elbows on the arm of his chair. Dan shuffled both his jeans and black cotton boxer shorts down over his hips to his knees revealing his rock hard erection. It sat flat against his stomach and twitched as she stared at it. Natalie hummed quietly in appreciation.

“Daaamn, I didn’t know you were packin’.”

Dan couldn’t help but give a goofy grin at the compliment of his package.

“Shaved balls, too. I love that,” she purred. “May I?”

Dan didn’t exactly know what he was consenting to but he swallowed hard and nodded. A shiver ran up his spine as Nat ran her fingers slowly over his smooth scrotum. She cupped his balls in her hand and squeezed them gently like she had a new toy to play with.

“If you’re single, why do you keep them shaved?”

“It feels nice,” he replied with a shrug and tightened his grip on the arms of the chair.

“Mmm, they do feel nice. You know, it’s so nice sucking on them when they’re shaved like that.”

“Oh yeah?” mumbled Dan.

“You have a gorgeous cock, too. It’s thicker than Jeff’s.”

“Erm, thanks,” he replied nervously. “Look, this isn’t weird, is it? You know, with us being friends and housemates.”

Natalie shuffled around on the floor until she was kneeling between Dan’s legs. He couldn’t remember the last time his cock had been that hard. He could feel it pulsating as his heart almost beat out of his chest. He could even hear his blood pumping in his ears.

“Well, as of five minutes ago I’m single again,” she replied softly as she wrapped her small hand around his cock. Dan flinched and his breath caught in his throat. “So, perhaps we could be friends with benefits?”

“Benefits?” He swallowed hard and frowned in confusion. “What sort of benefits?”

“All sorts,” Nat said quietly and rested her soft cheek against his inner thigh, looking up at him. “When I really want a nice, hard cock to suck you can help me out, and when you have the aching need for a girl to suck your balls dry…”

She left the thought hanging in the air but Dan could fill in the blanks.

“Can I, Dan? Please?”

Dan had now lost the ability to speak. He dared not try for fear of sounding like a complete fucking idiot. He looked into Natalie’s pleading eyes and simply nodded. What followed was a blowjob better than he could ever have imagined was possible. Nat was obviously worked up after having spent all day getting ready for her date and the fuck-fest which undoubtedly would have followed late into the night.

Her head bobbed up and down in his lap as she took more and more of his desperately hard cock into her mouth. She sucked hard and worked her hands on his shaft in a frenzied blur. She wasn’t looking to savour the moment, but rather was impatient for the payoff. Each time her head rose up revealing her pretty lips wrapped around his saliva-slicked flesh, she rolled her tongue around the swollen head of his dick like she knew exactly what it must feel like. As much as Dan wanted to sit there and enjoy the amazing things Natalie was doing with her mouth, he just couldn’t hold on any longer.

“Nat. Nat, I’m nearly there.”

Natalie took her hands off his cock and rested them on the tops of his thighs. Her head bobbed up and down even faster but now completely hands-free. She sucked harder and took him deeper until her nose nestled against his groin. With his balls now painfully tight, Dan gave a loud grunt and begin to shoot his load. Jet after jet of hot cum filled her mouth as he clenched his arse cheeks hard over and over.

Natalie pulled back after the first couple of spurts coated the back of her throat, and kept her lips wrapped tightly around the head of his dick. She continued sucking and stroking with her tongue until every last drop of his seed had been squeezed out of his heavy balls. When Dan was finally spent, she looked up at him and with a wry smile, swallowed her mouthful much to his amazement.

A single drop had landed on her chin which she quickly wiped up with a finger and slipped into her mouth. Dan had just had the best orgasm of his life and to top it off, had now watched the beautiful girl who had sucked him off enjoy swallowing his cum. Nothing could have been sexier than that.

“Oh my god, that was amazing,” Nat said with breathless glee. “I guess you really needed that, huh?”

“You have no idea.”

“You taste really good, too,” she offered as she stood up. Dan just melted back into the chair with a contented sigh, enjoying the sight of Nat’s gorgeous perky breasts jiggling as she ruffled her hair. His eyes widened as he watched her drop her hand between her legs to her flushed, red coochie.

“I’m so fucking hot right now. Look how wet you made me.”

Natalie ran two fingers between the swollen folds of her bare pussy and held them out in front of Dan. Her glossy, slick fingers smelled of her sex. Although he had just come, Dan could already feel his aching cock stirring again.

“I know you’ve just come, Dan, but I really need a hard dick inside me right now. Maybe you could eat my pussy for a while until you recuperate. What do you say?”

She slipped her cum-slicked fingers into Dan’s mouth and let him suck them clean of her sticky-sweet arousal. He looked up into her sexy, lust-hazed eyes and slowly nodded, silently thanking God for inconsiderate boyfriends and Manchester United.