Cherry Tree

In the mellow warm amber of evening’s late sun,
Like the verdant green vines that round the trunks run,
Under a cherry tree in secluded cool shade
Our bodies will weave a labyrinthine braid.

Of slow moving limbs that seek only to find
Curious hands of a similar kind.
Toying with playfulness and affection for you
Until your cheeks blush a sweet rosy hue.

And we’ll giggle and laugh in the soft-dying day,
Our hair like the blossom in the gentle breeze sway.
Like two buzzing bees amongst the wild flowers,
Dancing on tiptoes for long lazy hours.

And when you grow weary I’ll find you a bed,
A welcoming bosom to pillow your head,
And sing you soft lullabies until on the deep
You can drift on the tide of content peaceful sleep.

Safe in the knowledge that when the sun’s rays
Sink in the West in a heavenly blaze
That wrapped in my arms, content you will be,
Lay under the stars and our small cherry tree.