Dark Rain

Beams of lazy light sink into pools
as amber droplets cascade and puddle,
shimmering on the rain-streaked asphalt,
chasing away the night
one street-light at a time.

The rustling branches of overhanging trees
like secretive whispers in the darkness
bow and sway in the evening breeze,
their leaves wearing the beads of rain
like the diamonds of queens.

Your heels click on the dark,
glossy sidewalk as you half-skip across
the drenched surface with a crimson smile
that makes my heart race with the fear and anticipation
of sacrificing self-denial.

Like a wave meeting the shore
our bodies collide with the longing we ache
to lose in one another
as we feast with hungry mouths
and the taste of lust on our tongues.

I kiss the cool flood into your lips
and savour drinking you in as all around us
raindrops fall like silver coins,
ringing as they strike the ground
and briefly blossom into ephemeral flora.

Trespassing fingers give way to grasping want
as we spin into blindness, losing control
in the dark recesses of desperation,
longing only for our cocaine kisses
secluded in evening’s shadow.

Like the last two people on Earth
we embrace with an urgency that fuels a thirst
even the deepest kiss cannot satisfy,
licking each breathless syllable from each other’s lips
and swallowing.

Buttons surrender to impatient hands
that burn a path between the heaving swell
of exposed, sensual anticipation.
Their firm yet supple mass enchantingly feminine
yet silently craving a bruising touch.

The flush of indulgence courses through our veins
like the rush of a sugary confection,
as passion gives way to lust, and lust to greed
our bodies achingly covet
the ever more urgent need to fuck.

Your eyes betray that you deliciously throb
in divine places that quivering-crave
the beautiful friction of private worship;
your lace-clad pussy as swollen as a ripe peach
you yearn for me to split.

A shaking gasp proceeds the breech
as delicate fingers write love notes inside you,
each one sealed with a desperate, hot kiss.
Rolling hips ruthlessly thrust for more,
clenching, enflamed and thundering raw.

Until all is lost and you’re consumed by the flames
as you quake, and ache, and tremble with light,
your slick, burning flesh glowing full from the feast
radiating the heat of dying embers
and glistening in the moonlight with sticky distilled rapture.

We are as thunder clouds rolling off the ocean;
dark, imminent spectres clambering endlessly
over each other to consume the sky
and everything in their path
until the world just falls away.