Dark Rain

Beams of lazy light sink into pools
as amber droplets cascade…
11th Mar 2018/by admin

Summer Sucks

Phil was one lucky son of a bitch. They say that hell hath no…
4th Sep 2017/by admin

Rowing Boat

The sun ascended to its apex high
Traversing dawn’s rich clementine…
14th May 2017/by admin


A thousand poets could endless write
and never find words to…
3rd May 2017/by admin

First Light

We leave the kitchen a mess
of spilt milk, crumbled bread crust,…
23rd Mar 2017/by admin

Subliminal Boobage

“Hey, Dan.”


One thing Dan really liked…
5th Nov 2016/by admin

Spun Sugar And Caramel Cream

Playful bright pinks and soft pastel blues,
Tangerine sherbet…
13th Oct 2016/by admin

Hot Chocolate

Bend her over at the waist and lick her nice smooth peach,
14th Jun 2016/by admin

Cherry Tree

In the mellow warm amber of evening's late sun,
Like the verdant…
3rd May 2016/by admin

Carry Me Far Away

I wish the tide would lift me up
And carry me far away,
8th Feb 2016/by admin

Miami Heat

As night descended and smothered the stifling heat of the daylight…
22nd Jun 2015/by admin

I Do Not Love You

I do not love you like a whisper on a breeze,
Or softly as the…
27th May 2015/by admin

Warm Sunshine

We linger awhile upon the grass
Where chequered shadows of clouds…
1st Feb 2015/by admin

The Fall

Lips to lips, a soul to kiss
To rouse you from a peaceful sleep.
20th Nov 2014/by admin

Welcome To Angel Falls

“Okay, he’s awake.”

Those three words reverberated around…
3rd Nov 2014/by admin

Sic Luceat Lux

Latin Translation: Thus let the light shine.
Too long in love…
6th Jul 2014/by admin

The Curious Tale Of Kitty Meowenstein

No world existed beyond the spill of cold light from the car…
10th Jun 2014/by admin

Baby Oil Bad Boy

Saturday mornings felt like being wrapped up in a warm, snuggly…
14th Apr 2014/by admin

Parisian Nights

The echo of designer heels clicking across polished granite tiles…
1st Feb 2014/by admin


Plucked from her branch, perfect apple sweet,
In the heart of…
10th Jan 2014/by admin

Bad Girl

James had been propping up the bar all night, somewhat despondent…
12th Dec 2013/by admin


The city burns down around my footsteps
Consumed by the fires…
6th Nov 2013/by admin

Paradise Found

Through young willow tree ‘gainst which I rest,
Warmest sunset…
28th Sep 2013/by admin


A petal falls and comes to float
Upon a lake of placid still.
17th Sep 2013/by admin

Fall in Flames

“Terry! Damn, watch what you’re doing.”

The words were…
7th Sep 2013/by admin


New morning glistened from darkness rose,
Her first caress touched…
16th Jun 2013/by admin


Emma sat at her desk in complete silence. Her mouth hung open…
3rd Jun 2013/by admin

One Thousand

To say I was sorry, I really have tried,
A thousand nights alone…
12th Apr 2013/by admin

My Inamorata

This morning you left me, my world fell apart.

Heated passions…
3rd Feb 2013/by admin
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