Fall in Flames

“Terry! Damn, watch what you’re doing.”

The words were like nails on a chalkboard, wrenching her from the inky depths of peaceful sleep at eight o’clock on a Saturday morning. Desperately she tried to return to the dream, it had been wonderful, he had been wonderful. It was not to be though. The annoying sounds of whatever morons outside were tempting fate were like an alarm clock, a really irritating alarm clock that lacked a snooze button. Slowly her bedroom came into focus as her eyes opened and adjusted to the warm, morning sunshine filtering in through the open windows.

“Fuck off!” Kate called out, in the loudest voice she could muster. With only five seconds of consciousness to help clear away the foggy haze of sleep, she hoped that whoever it was took her suggestion seriously before they incurred her wrath. She buried her head under the warm pillow but could still hear the faint clanging and banging of something in the distance. She willed it to stop; her eyes clenched shut and her face scrunched up underneath the soft, fluffy encasement. Eventually, she gave up.

“Right. Whoever that is had better start praying.”

With a great deal of reluctance she dragged her aching body out of the comfort of her snug, cozy bed and stumbled like the walking dead across the deep-pile carpet to the door. The dull ache in her thighs and calves made it particularly slow going, but she managed to hobble her way down the steps and into the hallway. As she staggered across to the front window in the living room, Kate tilted the blinds open and shielded her face from the piercing sunlight that came flooding in. When her eyes became accustomed to the glorious warmth, she noticed a large white removal van parked up on the street in front of the house next door.

“E-Z-Movers, hey?” she whispered to herself as she read the sign on the side of the van. Peering out between the white wooden slats and playing the part of the nosey neighbour, Kate saw four overweight, middle-aged men in dungarees manhandling a piano out of the back of the van.

“Oh, shit!” shouted one of the guys, as the corner of the rather expensive looking musical instrument caught the edge of the steel frame on the van and left a large, noticeable scratch down the rear panel. Kate chuckled to herself; it reminded her of an old Laurel and Hardy sketch. Her attention was immediately drawn to a lean, tall, handsome looking man who emerged from the house and went running over. He was dressed in a pair of stonewashed jeans and a tight-fitting grey t-shirt which almost looked painted onto his upper body. It seemed to hug his torso in all the right places and really showed off his defined physique. Kate unconsciously licked her lips.

“Aww guys, come on! Be careful with that.”

“I’m sorry, mister,” replied one of the removal men as he scratched his bald spot, “it’s really heavy, it just slipped.”

The rather athletic looking chap, clearly the owner of the now less than mint condition piano, turned back to the house and then froze. He seemed to be staring straight at Kate through the window and squinting as if he couldn’t quite make out what is was he was looking at. It was then, in a sudden jaw-dropping moment of clarity, that Kate realized she was completely naked from the waist down.

One hand flew down to cover her modesty as the other shot up to the blind tilt rod and twisted it to close them. Standing in the now relative darkness of her front room, she replayed the last sixty-seconds over in her head and sighed. Turning to face the wall, she let out a deep breath, rested her forehead against the smooth, cool surface and whispered to herself, “It’s going to be one of those days.”

Climbing the stairs back to her room, Kate was acutely aware of the lack of clothing covering her bottom half. The disappearance of her panties was hardly a mystery however as she had spent the previous evening enjoying the ‘pulsing massage’ setting on her new vibrator. Divorced now for almost a year, she realized just in the last couple of months how true the old adage was that, ‘a girl has needs.’ So much money had been spent on batteries recently that splashing out on a new rechargeable toy was practically a necessity.

The en-suite bathroom lit up as she flicked on the light switch, padding across the cool tiles on her bare feet to the mirror on the far wall. The gym classes she had signed up for on Wednesday and Friday evenings were killing her; working a full day and then working her body afterwards was almost too much. Even climbing the stairs a moment before had been excruciating. If it were not for the noticeable improvements she saw in her figure she would probably have given up by now.

Kate peeled off her night-shirt, bunched it up and threw it back through the door onto her bedroom floor. It landed next to the still damp, crumpled pair of cotton boy shorts that were sorely missed just minutes before. As she stood admiring her physique, Kate could see that the hard work was really starting to pay off. Her stomach was flat and toned, her thighs were slim and more shapely; before her stood a sexy woman with an hourglass figure. Kate ran her fingers over the soft, golden nest of curls at the apex of her thighs and with a cheeky smirk on her face, sauntered up to the mirror. She pressed her shapely breasts against the cold, glossy surface feeling her nipples tighten almost instantly. With a tiny gasp of pleasure at the sensation, she planted a soft, lingering kiss on her own reflection.

“You sexy thing, you.”

After she had showered, dressed and eaten a begrudgingly healthy breakfast, Kate slipped on her shoes and headed for the door. As she descended the steps of the porch, she saw Mr. Hunky from earlier strolling over to her.

“Hi, I’m John. I just moved in next door,” he said in a deep, melodic voice, “I’m sorry about the noise. They didn’t wake you up, did they?”

“It’s fine, don’t worry about it,” she replied, extending her hand as she smiled, “My name’s Kate.”

“Nice to meet you.” She shook his hand and noted his strong, firm grip. Now that they were up close and personal she could get a proper look at him. The first thought that flitted through her mind was, ‘Oh, yes.’ He had short-cropped hair the colour of deep, rich espresso, and his chiseled jaw line gave him a gruff look with a light brush of stubble. His eyes looked so dark they appeared almost black, a very alluring trait; Kate knew straight away she was smitten. Tucking a stray lock of hair behind her ear, she allowed her gaze to wander over the rest of his body whilst trying her best to remain inconspicuous; he was a big guy.

“I’ve been wondering when someone might move in. The house has been on the market for a couple of months now.”

Before he could respond, the wincing sound of glass smashing inside a cardboard box could be heard from the back of the van, followed by a series of muffled expletives. “Listen, I’m sorry but I’d better go before they destroy everything I own and save me the job of having to unpack it all.”

Kate laughed, “That’s fine, you go. I’ll see you around.”

As he ran off, he turned and gave her a friendly wave. Kate couldn’t help but feel a twinge of desire as she nibbled on her bottom lip. Her new next door neighbour was a tall, dark, handsome man who was most certainly not wearing a wedding ring.

“That could be promising.”

Over the next three weeks they saw each other almost every morning when leaving for work, usually stopping to have a quick chat before they had to rush off. The fact that Kate lived alone in relative luxury suburbia had cropped up in conversation once, but she quickly brushed over the details of her short and ultimately disastrous marriage to the wealthy son of a hedge fund trader. That part of her life was behind her and she was now a legal secretary at a law firm in the city. She was enjoying the single life, almost.

With a shrewd question or two regarding John’s physique and rather informal attire when heading to work, Kate discovered that he was an executive for a sports marketing agency. Upon reflection, she thought that rather suited him.

“Good morning, Kate. Sleep well?” The subtle enquiries into her sleeping habits had not gone unnoticed, the fact that she blushed each time he asked was likely the reason he kept up the game. More than once had she found John in her dreams, or it would be more accurate to say, her fantasies. He was slowly becoming a guilty pleasure of hers; if only he knew.

Or, perhaps that was it, maybe he did know. The evenings were still muggy and the only relief to be had was to sleep with the windows open in order to catch the cool breeze in the nighttime air. Did he do the same? She blanched at the very real possibility that John had been listening to the moans of her private self-pleasure.

“Very well, thank you,” she replied. “How about you?”

“I tossed, and turned.” The deliberate pause spoke volumes and suddenly felt like a definite step-up in their playful flirting.

“That sounds, tiring,” she smiled, as she unlocked her car. As Kate was about to climb in, she stopped and decided to be bold. “Oh, John. I’ve been meaning to ask you something.” She’d been considering this for the past week and had played with the idea, not able to actually commit on it.

“Oh?” he asked, as he strolled back over to her.

“I know you’re new to the area and probably don’t know many people around here yet. A friend of mine is throwing a little garden party next Saturday, it’s something we do together every fall and I was wondering if you’d like to come. You know, with me.” John’s expression reminded her a little of a rabbit caught in a car’s headlights, he clearly hadn’t been expecting that sort of question. She hesitated and didn’t give him time to respond, “It’s not a problem if you’re busy! I just thought I’d offer…”

With a grin that gave her chills, he chuckled quietly and replied, “I’d love to. Thank you for the offer.” He leaned in and in an act of unusual intimacy for neighbours, gave her a kiss on the cheek, “That was very thoughtful of you. It’s a date.”

Things were starting to get complicated. Not only was John a distraction in her bedroom but Kate was also finding it hard concentrate whilst she was a work. The drive over to the office had nearly been a disaster; she really couldn’t afford to run another red light. Those words kept echoing through her head, “It’s a date.” She hadn’t been on a date since before she was married.

“Morning, Kate,” said one of her colleagues as she strode into the office in a daze, “Are you feeling alright? You look a little flushed.”

“Oh, I’m fine. Thanks.”

By lunchtime, the lid on her pen had been well and truly destroyed by her preoccupied nibbling as her imagination ran riot. He had big, strong hands; she loved big hands. She wondered what they would feel like as they roamed over her body in the most sensual ways, tracing her crevices and hollows, cupping her swells and curves. She imagined the taste of his lips as he kissed her and ran his tongue over, “Ohh.”

Kate bit her lip and held her breath as her eyes shot open. ‘Did I just moan in the office?’ she thought to herself. Sitting up straight, she took a quick glance around hoping no one had noticed; it looked like she was in the clear. Relaxing back into her soft leather office chair, she tried to relax her heavy breathing. Kate knew she was turning into a mess. Her bra felt tighter than it had when she put it on this morning and she couldn’t help but continually cross her legs under the desk as she squirmed in her seat. A distracting, cloying dampness between her thighs became her preoccupying focus and drove her to distraction for the whole afternoon. Reclining slightly and glancing up to the office ceiling, she let out a barely audible sigh of sexual frustration, “Oh, fuck.”


After two hours and thirty-seven minutes of preening and pampering, Kate strolled out of her front door looking every inch a goddess. This was her opportunity to knock John for six and she was not going to waste it. Her expensive new heels clicked and clacked as she descended the porch steps wearing a brand new, figure hugging dress bought especially for the occasion. Blood red, low-cut and dangerously provocative, it was now her most daring attire. Her earlier reservations about wearing it dissolved in the cool, late afternoon air which caressed her body. A sudden humid breeze caught her hair at the exact moment John glanced over from the car, a flowing wave of burnished gold caught in the late afternoon sun.

Kate admired his stylish take on semi-formal attire. Everything worked on him; from the black leather brogues, black pants and silver-buckled belt, to the crisp white dress shirt he had partly unbuttoned and had the sleeves rolled up on. As she strolled over to him with her clutch bag in one hand, she tucked and errant lock of hair behind her ear with her other. The look on his face was exactly what she had been aiming for.

“Catching flies?” she asked, as his mouth snapped shut, “What do you think?”

“You, you look…”

She raised an eyebrow, “I look?”

“Amazing,” he croaked out, swallowing hard, “you look amazing.”

“Why, thank you. You look very handsome yourself. Shall we go?”

John opened the passenger door for her as she slid into his car. He had offered to drive and despite her arguing the point, he had insisted on it. The car had been sat in the sun all afternoon, and the warm leather of the seat relaxed some of the tension in her muscles as it seeped through the delicate fabric of the dress and into her body.

It was only a fifteen minute drive to Sally’s house but the devil in her had decided a little mischief would make the journey more enjoyable. Slowly, and as subtly as she could manage, Kate crossed her legs and allowed the hem of the dress to accidentally ride up her thigh. She couldn’t see John’s face, but the minor corrections he continued to make whilst driving told her more than enough. She imagined he would drool if he knew how she had groomed the rest of her body. A girl must be prepared after all, just in case. A few strokes of a razor in the shower had her pussy smooth and deliciously bare, it was also now clad in her sexiest pair of pink lace panties.

The Lloyd’s Fall Party was something that they had been doing together for years. Kate and Sally had been best friends since they were kids and every autumn she helped her throw a huge party for friends and family. Kate had spent all that morning over there baking, cooking and decorating, before heading home to get changed for the evening festivities. When they arrived at the house, the party was already in full swing. Kids were playing in the back yard, the huge trays of food were just being prepared for the tables out on the lawn and soft jazz was playing on the music system, setting the mood.

“Kate, you’re just in time,” called out Sally as she ran up to great them in the hallway, “we’re just dishing out…” Her voice trailed off as she saw the tall dark stranger stood behind her friend.

“Sally, this is John, my new next door neighbour. John, this is Sally, my best friend and our host for the evening.”

“It’s a pleasure to meet you, Sally.” John leaned forward and shook her hand, “Thank you for having me, you have a very lovely home.”

“Well, erm, you’re very welcome. Please help yourself to a drink,” she replied as she pointed him in the direction of the bar.

“Glass of white wine for me please,” said Kate, and with a nod he headed off. Sally smiled pleasantly until he was out sight, then quickly grabbed Kate’s arm and dragged her roughly into the kitchen. The look on her face said it all.

“He’s your plus one?!” Sally asked, barely able to keep her voice below an excited screech, “He’s a stud! Why the hell didn’t you tell me you were dating a male model?”

“Firstly, we’re not ‘dating’, we’re just friends; and second, he’s not a male model. He’s actually in sports marketing.”

“Are you winding me up? He’s fucking gorgeous! Please God tell me you’re boinking him.”

Kate struggled to keep from laughing as she covered her mouth with her hand, Sally had been like this since they were in high school together. “Who the hell says, ‘boinking’?”

“You know what I mean. Come on, if you can’t tell your best friend, who can you tell?”

“Actually, no. We haven’t slept together, if you must know,” she replied, keeping her voice at a conspiratorial volume.

“Any particular reason you haven’t jumped him? It’s been a year. You are allowed another man, you know. It is allowed.”

“Yes, thank you, mother.” Kate took a quick glance around, “I’m working on it, alright?”

“I should say,” Sally replied, eyeing up the plunging neckline on Kate’s dress.

Just then the door swung open and in walked John holding two glasses of wine. As he looked at them both he could hazard a guess at their topic of conversation, “I’m not interrupting anything, I am? I can go and mingle for a bit.”

The girls looked at each other and started giggling like a couple of kids that had heard a dirty joke, “No, you’re fine,” replied Kate, “come on, let’s go outside.”

John was right when he’d remarked earlier about Sally having a lovely home, compared to her own it really was palatial. As they stepped out through the french doors and into the sweeping garden, it was truly an awe-inspiring site. The sun was setting behind the trees, the hanging lanterns had been turned on and everything was bathed in a warm, autumn glow. As they sipped the crisp Sauvignon blanc and strolled around the lush grounds, Kate realized she was really enjoying John’s company.

The breath-taking magnificence of the dying sun as it dropped below the horizon set the bronze and copper leaves aflame. The endless manicured grounds looked glorious as sunburnt shadows danced across the rich, verdant lawn. Kate found herself smiling for no particular reason as they kept glancing at each other, working their way back to where the rich, sweet smells carried on the gentle breeze from the tables of culinary delights.

The wine was sweetest she had ever tasted, the foods were succulent and indulgent, it was truly a gathering of luxuriant excess. People begin to tuck into the delicious dishes that Kate and Sally had seemingly whipped up earlier without the slightest effort. The warm, honeyed scents of fall inspired foods permeated the air and made their taste buds tingle. There were bourbon pumpkin bread puddings, cinnamon apple crumbles, whiskey maple-nut sweets and even burnt toffee popcorn. Jugs of spiced cider with lemon and cinnamon and a large bowl of hot, Grand Marnier infused hot fruit punch were brought out to finish the ensemble.

Kate and John feasted on mouth-watering delicacies, occasionally feeding each other rich, savoury morsels of different pastries and fruits. She fed him his first honeyed fig and giggled as he tried to lick a droplet of the sticky liquid that rolled down his chin. Without a thought, Kate wiped it off with her index finger and slipped it into her mouth; several seconds later she was blushing a fiery hue.

As the evening wore on and Kate mingled, relaxed and enjoyed the company of friends rarely seen, she found herself constantly searching for John amongst the crowd. At one point she glanced over and saw him laughing as he chatted to Mike, Sally’s husband. John had some powdered sugar coating his lips and the temptation to walk over to him and lick that off as well was almost too much to resist. When everyone had finally had their fill of the luscious foods and heady drinks available, each one was a slightly different shade of tipsy. A ringing sound resonated from the wine glass that Mike was tapping with a spoon.

“I’d like to propose a toast. To Sally and Kate for all their hard work and once again making this a fantastic fall party!”

Everyone raised their glasses and in loud and raucous voices chorused, “To Sally and Kate!”

Before long the moon was up, the stars were out and Mike decided to put his record collection on. Much to the amusement of all the guests, including Kate, Sally then turned it off and put some more soft Jazz on instead; it was clear who wore the trousers in their house. She smiled, enjoying the comical battle of wits between loving man and wife. John seemed to be having a whale of a time discussing football so she thought it safe to slip off for ten minutes for a bit of solitude. Around the side of the house was a secluded lawn area with a low stone wall which she perched her bottom on. It was quiet and tranquil in the shadowed corner. A few moments passed before she heard a soft whisper that turned her insides to quivering jelly.

“Hi.” Kate stood up and turned to see John leaning on the wall of the house with a calming smile on his face.

“Hi,” she replied, as he sauntered over, closing the distance between them.

“I just wanted to say thank you for the invite. It really was very thoughtful of you. I’ve met some interesting people tonight, that Mike is a funny guy.”

“You’re very welcome,” Kate replied as she leaned back and rested against the edge of the stone wall, “I’m actually really glad you agreed to come.”

“Can I ask you something?” She nodded and waited for the question, “Do you dance?”

With a wide grin at the disarming query, Kate took his offered hand and allowed him to take her in his arms. She felt the heat of his body as they began to sway to the soothing sounds of a melodic saxophone in the distance. Everything light gleamed a refreshing soft blue under the moonlight, as the shimmering masses of auburn leaves rustling high up in the boughs whispered as they caught the cool evening breeze.

“You look gorgeous.” The compliment threw her for a moment; she hadn’t been expecting it but it was very welcome.

“Monsieur! Such things, you say,” she replied playfully in a French accent. John’s hands caressed softly down her spine and came to rest on her bottom, warming it through the thin fabric of the dress. A soft but inaudible moan of delight escaped her lips. As they spun lazily, holding each other close, Kate rested her head against his chest; she could feel his heart beating.

“I mean it,” he replied quietly.

“I thought you might, you appear have your hands on my bum,” she remarked, smiling and lifting her head to look into his eyes.

“So I do, fancy that.”

Dappled light, as warm as molten gold, danced in his eyes from the gently swinging lanterns in the distance as they slowly spun in each others arms.

“You know, it’s always polite to ask a lady’s permission first.” A small gasp proceeded a moan of appreciation as he squeezed her ass cheeks softly.

“Well, I just assumed that’s what you had in mind. You have been flirting with me since we got in the car.”

“Oh, I’ve been flirting with you since we first met,” she replied, knowing her words were fanning flames that may consume her later on. It was a sensual, seductive provocation that she was only too happy to continue to its conclusion.

He leaned into her as she tilted backwards. In this position she was acutely aware of the prominence of her décolletage, particularly as she had opted for such a low-cut dress. Their faces just inches apart now, she caught the scent of his heady cologne and savoured the sudden intimacy. Kate placed her hand on his chest as he leant in to kiss her. Her tongue ran over her lips to moisten them in anticipation; she could feel the heat of his breath, she could almost taste him.

“Ahem.” Kate spotted Sally gawping at John’s fondling of her posterior. Her wine glass had paused halfway to her mouth which was now hanging open. They both straightened up and looked at her, stood on the corner with a huge grin on her face. “Am I interrupting something?”

Kate blushed like a schoolgirl caught kissing a boy behind the bleachers, “No,” she managed to croak out.

“I just wanted to see if you fancied a top up,” Sally replied, lifting the half-empty bottle of wine in her hand. “I’ll leave you two love birds alone,” and with a not-so-subtle wink, disappeared back around the corner.

“Almost got caught,” John said humorously in a low voice.

Kate looked at his cheeky grin and couldn’t help but smile, “Getting caught implies we were doing something we shouldn’t have been.”

He leaned in a little closer and in a whispered breath replied, “That’s why I said, ‘almost’.”

A little flutter of electricity ran up her spine causing her to shiver and nibble her lip; she did this whenever she felt nervous or excited. Kate became aware of a distinct sensation between her thighs as her sex came to life under his intense scrutiny. She squirmed uncomfortably, almost certain he knew the effect of his attention. As quickly as he had surprised her a moment before, he smiled softly, turned and strolled back the way he had come.

“I want to fuck you so bad,” she confessed quietly to the darkness.

The festivities had run their course and as the guests slowly began to filter out and head home, Kate decided that it was time to call it a night.

“Shall we go?” She asked John.

“I think it’s time we left, yeah,” he replied.

They caught up with Mike in the living room where he was drunkenly fiddling with his stereo system.

“Mike, thank you so much for having us over. It’s been a really great night,” Kate said, as she strode over and gave him a hug.

“You’re kidding. We wouldn’t even have had a party it if weren’t for your help. Lovely to see you again.” He took John’s hand and gave it a good shake, “John, bloody good to meet you.”

“And you, Mike. Thanks again.”

At the front door they waited for Sally who was seeing off some other guests. Despite the lateness of the hour, the disappointment on her face when she saw that they were leaving almost made Kate want to stay for another hour.

“You’re not leaving already, are you?”

“I think it’s time we made tracks,” replied John, “Thank you for having me over. You two put on an amazing spread; it was wonderful.” Sally seemed entranced by her friend’s handsome date as John softly shook her hand.

“You’re very welcome, it was lovely to meet you, John.” As he stepped through the door and Kate went to give her a hug, Sally pouted her lips and made a face like she had a hot potato in her mouth. Kate struggled to keep from laughing and envisaged the phone call she would receive from her in the morning, no doubt with a hundred and one questions about her mystery man.

The drive home seemed to take far longer than it had earlier; perhaps it was the anticipation of the unknown that made her heart beat so vigorously in her chest. The gentle breeze of the evening air cooled her flushed skin as she lowered the window and enjoyed the balmy scents of fall that permeated from the darkness. The wild mixture of flora whose autumn perfume so enticed the senses, also stoked the imagination.

Every street light they passed cast a warm, amber glow inside the car, illuminating their exposed skin in contrast to the dark interior. John’s muscular forearms on the steering wheel and his masculine jaw line made her cheeks flush and burn in the shadows as she watched his every movement. His subtle glances at her shapely, firm calves and occasion flicker toward her cleavage did not go unnoticed.

As the car pulled up to the curb outside her house and the engine was turned off, an uncomfortable silence descended like a blanket of awkward inevitability. Kate turned to look at her date for the evening whose charming smile sent butterflies fluttering in her stomach. The question needed asking and now was the time.

“Would you like to come in for a nightcap?” Her palms were sticky and it became apparent to her that she was holding her breath.

“I’d like that,” he replied quietly, before getting out and walking around to open the passenger door for her. A wry smile played across Kate’s lips; despite the nerves that were causing her hands to shake slightly, she admired the fact that he knew how to treat a lady.

On the third attempt the key finally entered the lock on her front door and she pushed it open, stepping into the total darkness. The keys were thrown onto the hallway table along with her bag before she flicked on a small table lamp. Supporting herself with her left hand, Kate leant on the wall to remove her heels which she let clatter to the floor.

“Oh, that’s better,” she sighed softly as she rubbed each foot in turn. From the corner of her eye she caught sight of John admiring her backside. She hadn’t meant to give him something to look at but the thought alone gave her a little thrill. Padding bare foot across the cold dark slate floor in the kitchen, she reached up on tiptoes, took down two crystal tumblers and poured a more than generous measure of cognac into each glass before turning to hand him one.

As they walked back into the dimly lit living room and toasted to a great night, she took a drink. The liquid burned her throat. Every drop that passed her lips from the cold glass warmed her through to the core, it felt numbing and oppressive. As Kate turned to place her glass on a sideboard, John quietly stepped up behind her and slipped his hands softly around her waist. The feeling of a pair of strong arms wrapped around her body was something she hadn’t realized she’d missed so much.

“John, what are you doing?” She asked him quietly.

Warm, soft lips caressed the curve of her neck softly as he started to get a little more amorous. Kate couldn’t help herself, his affections tickled her and she giggled like a schoolgirl, grinning from ear to ear.

“What I’ve wanted to do all night. I’m kissing you.”

She had been teasing him up till this point, but now the very real possibility of having sex with her next door neighbour hit her like the double measure she had just knocked back. It had been over a year since she’d last been intimate with a man.

“John,” she said, struggling for the words, “We’ve had too much to drink.”

“We have,” he replied. A statement, she noted, not a question. A warm moistness then enclosed her left earlobe as she felt him take it into his mouth and suck softly.

“Listen, I, I don’t know.” His embrace felt wonderful. Deep down, she knew she wanted this, “It’s been a while since…”

His arms encircled her even more completely as his face nuzzled into her neck, his hot breath stoking a fire inside of her. His masculine scent was overpowering, a heady mix of cologne, cognac and all the heavenly delicacies of the party. Kate could feel the cloying moisture in her panties as they clung to her sex. Her nipples tightened beneath the dress, aching with a desperate need to be suckled.

“That is a terrible shame,” he whispered as his left hand slowly drew upward across her chest, slipped inside the low-cut of her dress and palmed her right breast. Naturally perky, they were even more proud and voluptuous now due to her arousal and heavy breathing. “A woman needs affection. The loving caress of a man so full of longing for her beautiful body.”

“Oh…” Kate moaned softly.

“You drive me insane, did you know that? I’ve wanted you ever since we first met and I can’t take it anymore. You’re sexy, and funny, and very sweet.” He pulled her even closer into his chest, making escape from the heat of his body and the strength of his arms impossible, as he whispered even more quietly in her ear, “But I bet your cunt tastes even sweeter.”

A gasp escaped her lips before her mouth formed a small ‘O’ and she sucked in a desperate breath.

“You have no idea how much I want to fuck you, Kate.” His fingertips were circling her nipple, pinching and rolling as she gradually lost her mind, “I’ve imagined us together; taking it slow, trying to remain in control before giving in and… fucking.” The emphasis he placed on the last word tipped the scales. She spun around and faced him, her bottom perched on the edge of the table.

“And what makes you think I want you?” Kate asked breathlessly, playing the game.

A smile creased his lips as he manoeuvred his knee between her thighs and slowly parted her long, slender legs.

“I can smell it,” he growled quietly. The timber of his voice shook her to the core. His strong fingers gripped her delicate chin and turned her head to one side as he ran the flat of his tongue over her soft cheek; the heat was incredible, the sensuality of the act, unparalleled.

“I can taste it.” His words were an auditory stimulation that had her quivering with anticipation, “You want to fuck me, Kate. Admit it. You want to fuck me… hard.”

She grabbed his face, pulling it to hers for their first kiss. A kiss that tasted so delicious it could have satiated her appetites had they not already overwhelmed her. She savoured the taste of his lips and sucked gently on his tongue as it coaxed her lips apart and delved inside.

She could feel herself letting go, the animal inside her was taking control and it wanted to feast. She hadn’t felt like this since she was back in college and even then, nothing to this extent; she felt an insatiable urge to impale herself on his manhood. Moisture flooded the already sodden crotch of her panties as his tongue wrestled against hers in an electric lashing of moist flesh.

In between breathless kisses of unleashed passion, Kate grasped his hair firmly in her hands and rested her nose to his, trying to catch her breath. Between swallowed breaths, she managed to whisper, “My mother would not approve of a man who said, ‘cunt’.”

With a devilish grin on her face, she ran her fingernails down over his soft, white shirt as she lowered herself to her knees in front of him. Now face to face with a very evident bulge in his trousers, she started running her hands over it’s throbbing length before unbuckling his black leather belt, slipping it out of the loops and discarding it on the floor. Her nimble fingers grasped the small zipper and slid it down slowly before slipping her hand inside to grasp his burgeoning erection. A quiet gasp of surprise signalled her discovery of his thick, heavy shaft as her fingers closed around the hot flesh and manoeuvred it through the front of his pants.

As she marvelled at the most gorgeous cock she had ever laid her eyes on, his fingertips stroked softly through her hair causing her to look up at him.

“And would she approve of you sucking my cock?”

Her eyes burned with a hunger she could no longer control; they stared straight into his as her moist, ruby coloured lips parted and eagerly slid over the sensitive head of his cock.

“Oh, yes,” he moaned, as her tongue stroked along the underside, slowly swaying from side to side. As his eyes rolled back into his head, she traced the tip of her warm tongue around the ridge of his glans and tickled his sensitive frenulum. Kate felt his hand grip her flowing locks and start to guide her, forcing a little more of his cock into her mouth with each bob of her head.

With one hand resting on his flat stomach and the other gripping the base of his cock, Kate worked more of his length into her mouth with each rock back and forth. It was warm and smooth as the prominent ridge of his head rubbed on the roof of her mouth. The realization that she was on her knees like some slut, sucking a man’s cock in her front room made her pussy twitch and clench.

The hard floor made her knees ache as she shifted from side to side trying to get comfortable. Running the flat of her tongue along the underside of his length, Kate felt an urge to play with him a little. Her fingers hooked in through his zip and pulled out his heavy balls, letting them hang loose. Cupping them in her hand as she continued to pleasure him with her mouth, she appreciated that they were shaved and found she had the sudden urge to suck on them. Lifting his cock out of the way, she took one into her mouth and started to draw on it. Kate watched his expression change as he glanced down; his lips were parted and his chest was heaving. Slow gentle strokes along his slick shaft caused him to suck a ragged breath in through clenched teeth as she jerked him off, pulling her head back to tug gently on his sack.

Releasing his saliva-slicked ball from her mouth, she unbuttoned his trousers and let them slip to the floor, quickly followed by the hasty removal of his black cotton boxer shorts. Naked from the waist down, she admired his strong muscular thighs before positioning the head of his long, thick cock once more between her lips. Tonight was a night for wild abandon; she was going to get everything she wanted, and so was he. Her hands snaked over his hips and around the back to rest on his pert bum. As she looked into his sex-hazed eyes, Kate took a deep breath, gripped his firm buttocks and pulled, forcing his entire length into her waiting mouth and down her throat. She gagged slightly but tried to relax her muscles as her nose nuzzled into John’s short, trimmed pubic hair.

A hiss of approval from above was both encouraging and arousing as his hips began to buck slowly. His twitching, throbbing muscle was gliding back and forth as her tongue stroked along the underside. As she acclimatised to the sensations of taking such a large cock into her throat, it became easier to manage. The gentle tugging and squeezing of his balls had John groaning for more, that sound alone was all the encouragement Kate needed. His hips bucked faster as his fingers gripped her hair tighter; the gagging, squelching noises were like their own private, filthy soundtrack as the saturated crotch of her expensive lace panties struggled to soak up any more of her arousal.

Kate felt like such a dirty whore. How she wanted to taste him, to take his load and suck his heavy balls dry. The idea of feeling it flood her mouth before swallowing it turned her aching legs to jelly. Not yet though; there was something she wanted more, something she needed more. When she felt he was at breaking point, when he was teetering of the very edge of unstoppable climax, she stopped and withdrew slowly. The pleading look in his eyes as his saliva-covered cock just bobbed up and down, told her just how close he had been to pulsing jets of hot cum into her mouth.

Her hair a tangled mess in his clenched hands, she licked the saliva and his salty pre-cum from her lips and grinned up at him. The bright red lipstick, so perfectly applied a few moments before, now smeared and coloured the length of his slick cock. He knew what she wanted, and he was going to give it to her.

The corners of his mouth curled into a smile as he helped her to her feet, their lips mashing together in a magnetic attraction of hot, moist flesh. In a quick succession of blurred motions, their clothing was peeled from their bodies. Shoes clattered to the floor, his trousers were kicked off his ankles and his shirt was unbuttoned and discarded. Strong, firm hands unzipped her elegant evening dress and allowed to slip over her lithe figure and pool on the floor in a crumpled mass of expensive, crimson fabric. The only thread that remained after their frantic disrobing was Kate’s thong.

John stepped back and admired her body as Kate did the same of his. The site of a tall, muscular man stood in her living room with a huge, stiff cock made Kate blush a rosy shade of red. His broad shoulders and slim waist gave him a masculine and powerful bearing. She watched as his smile slowly faded; his lips no longer curled at the edge but instead reminded her of something dark and animalistic. A rampant lust and hunger for her body exuded from his stance, it made her heart skip a beat as the exposing of her swelling breasts to his gaze puckered her nipples.

Her trembling legs left the ground as he strode over to her and swept her off the floor. In a scramble for support her arms wrapped around his neck and her legs circled his waist. Kate let out a little squeal of surprise, followed by a guttural moan of delight as he grabbed her pert bottom in his big hands and squeezed. Mashing his body against hers, he stood there holding her aloft before gently lowering them both slowly to the floor.

A shudder rippled through her body as he lay her back against the cool, coarse hardwood floor. Her svelte body melted under his as he lay his heavy frame on top of her. Fierce blue eyes captured her soul as his voice, low and resonating, rumbled through her core. He sighed words of desperate need in a voice so deep and shiver-inducing, it seemed made for whispering such things. He told her she smelled of jasmine and fresh rain, and that he was going to devour her slowly, and completely.

The rough graze of his stubble on her cheek and the scent of his alluring cologne made her sex throb with need. As the tip of his tongue traced her teeth, heat spread through her body and consumed her like fire as her pussy vibrated with barely restrained anticipation. Kate moaned and whimpered, the tight little sounds echoing into his mouth until she became dazed and breathless. Excited yet somewhat scared, desperation began to ride her hard.

A burning path was traced over her neck and along her collar-bone by an eager mouth. Kate felt the weight of her breast enclosed in his palm as the path was traced lower to its destination. John was rewarded with a moan as his stubble raked across the soft delicate skin of her breast. Slow circles were traced around the puckered areola of her firm dusky nipple, as the heat of his tongue felt like a hot poker.

Kate’s mouth was dry and her chest heaved as she struggled to take in enough air. A dizzy euphoria hit her hard as his lips sucked her nipple into the warmth of his mouth and he started to suckle. The contrast between the warm suction of one nipple, and the pinching and rolling of the other between his deft fingertips made her head spin. A sudden, pinching bite into her swollen flesh sparked an inferno that burned across the surface of her skin.

“Oh, fuck!”

Kiss followed kiss as a journey descending her torso had her toes curling. Every single inch of her body, from the swell of her breasts, to the hollow of her naval was meticulously caressed by patient tongue and soft lips. John’s arms and shoulders parted her legs as he slowly slid further down between them. It felt, forbidden. Kate was shaking with the adrenaline pumping through her body, she felt hot and wired, like something was building up inside her with a growing need to unleash a cataclysmic chaos.

She knew he was teasing her as she had teased him, but she didn’t know how much more of this she could take. Slivers of pleasure followed his fingertips as they tickled the sensitive crease at the back of her knee and then slowly stroked over her thigh, coming to rest where skin met lace. They toyed with the fabric, slipping underneath one second and tracing over the edging the next. To her sex-saturated brain it seemed to take an eternity but eventually she felt his hand come to rest on the centre of her being.

Blood rushed to the bruised bottom lip that Kate was biting into as he gently rubbed the delicate lace against her lubricated folds. They were absolutely saturated as he toyed with them, brushing and kneading them into her crotch, creating a desperate friction. As she became aware of the tingle of a distant orgasm, he slowly hooked his fingers over the waistband and rustled the small scrap of pink lace down over her thighs. She now felt completely exposed.

“Mmm, you shaved it off.” He whispered, as his tongue burned a lazy lick over the soft curvature of her smooth mound.

Through gritted teeth, Kate replied, “H-How do you know?”

Every dip and hollow of her body, every single concave just begged to be nibbled as he nestled between the juncture of her slender legs. His fingers tips framed the delicious creases of folded flesh at the apex of her thighs as he toyed with her.

“Don’t you remember the first morning we met? At the window?”

“You saw that?” Kate asked breathlessly and a little shocked, “I didn’t think you had.”

“Oh, yes…” His voice trailed off as he admired his prize. The musk of her arousal now permeated the air around them. She glanced down, just watching as he paused to admire the puffy pink lips of her womanhood as they quivered.

“John, you’re fucking killing me here.”

A scorching heat of wet pressure brushed over the tiny bundle of nerves that were throbbing for attention, drawing little cries and whimpers of pleasure. Lick after lick circled and flicked her sensitive clit sending Kate into an eye-rolling, teeth-clenching mess. He delved eagerly into her juicy, soft peach, dripping in anticipation of a warm mouth as he savoured every single lick of hot, sticky lust.

Soft, feminine pink had turned to dark, swollen red. Very gently, John spread her dark puffy labia with his thumbs and languorously lapped the length of her slit with the flat of his tongue. He caught a trickle of arousal from between her hot, swollen folds and ran it around his mouth to savour the taste of a woman. Her most intimate place was spread for his pleasure as each tantalizing caress had her trembling for more; each kiss and lick released from her a gasp, like a whisper at his tender command.

Licking the sweet-tart taste from his lips, John suckled her sopping folds. Between pursed lips he tugged them gently, the sweetest heat from his breath caressing her exposed flesh as the glistening creases stretched and then sprang back from his playful mouth.

“Don’t stop, please don’t stop!” she begged him, mumbling her words as she found it harder and harder to concentrate.

His tongue slipped down along her hot, swollen crease and to her surprise, started to flick softly against her anus. She gasped and clenched tight; such a dirty act felt forbidden yet at the same time felt so good. Kate eyes rolled wildly and she started mewling as his warm flesh licked and probed at her puckered hole. Writhing and squirming as the amazing sensations of a keen tongue lapping at her bottom consumed her, his eagerness drove her wild.

With her eyes clenched shut and her hips bucking up to meet his tongue, he deftly slid two fingers into the hot well of her cunt, spreading her pulsing flesh.

“Oh, John!” She called out, as a curling, stroking motion along her inner walls sent her spiralling into the abyss of impending orgasm. Before she could taste the precious delights of perfect climax, he slowed the excruciating motions and slipped his fingers from her. She felt empty.

The kissing and firm biting of the tender flesh of her inner thigh did little to quell the tumultuous churning of sexual need in her centre. The smile on his face as his tongue traced lazy circles around her clitoral hood was delicious yet infuriating. She was swollen and throbbing, and could feel her heartbeat in that inflamed, tumescent nub. He had her teetering on the edge of sanity, but only by a thread.

“How does it feel? Being brought so close and then, being denied.” He was teasing her as she had teased him, “I can’t imagine how badly you want to come right now.”

“You’re a bad boy,” she whispered breathlessly, trying to compose herself as he gave her one more long, luxurious lick. The feel of his muscular body sliding upwards between her legs made her heart race inside her chest. His rough, raw power could be seen in the ripple of his muscles as he held his body just inches above hers.

“You have no idea.” The hungry words were growled into her throat as his lips engulfed her soft skin and he began to rub the swollen, pre-cum-slicked head of his cock between the quivering lips of her pussy. Each brush over her engorged clit elicited a breathy groan which vibrated into his mouth.

“Oh, John, I can’t take it anymore. Please!” She begged him, her voice breaking with the aching need for release.

With a tortuously slow push, he drove his length into her pouting, twitching hollow of velvet heat. Inch by thick throbbing inch glided into her until all of it was buried deep inside. Kate’s body accepted his impressive size with relative ease as he effortlessly penetrated her starved cunt . As his teeth grazed across the fragile skin of her graceful throat, and he held himself in her depths, Kate felt complete.

Slowly, John flexed his hips and withdrew. Not all the way, just enough to set her inner walls ablaze with frenzied euphoria. Her hands feverishly travelled the vista of his strapping, muscular back and felt as each muscle and tendon relaxed and contracted. They came to rest on his firm, unyielding buttocks, relaxing and clenching with each slow plunge as he drove himself into her slick heat.

Impassioned affection slowly gave way to animal urges as the tempo increased. Kate’s heart beat faster and harder in her chest than she could ever remember it having done before. As the momentum continued to increase like a runaway train, she barely had the sense of mind to breath. Every time their hips met in a slapping of damp, sweat-slicked flesh it coaxed a high-pitched cry from her trembling frame. Each desperate breath she inhaled had her savouring his hot aroma.

Kate could barely concentrate beyond the excruciating friction of his cock ploughing into her depths as her engorged, throbbing clit was nudged and bumped with each thrust. Their hot, naked bodies wrapped around each other, squirming and grasping for better leverage. Kate lifted and entwined her slender legs around his thighs, riding the waves of pounding pleasure as the heat of their coupling raised to truly scorching temperatures.

“You want it hard, don’t you?” he growled into her ear, as his body continued to mercilessly pummel her hips and ass cheeks into the cold floor.

Her nails rasped across his back in spirited answer to his question, leaving red lines of searing intensity in their wake. With a low roar of pain and pleasure combined like the perfect sexual cocktail, he grasped her hips, slipped himself from her slick pussy and turned her over. Kate obliged, resting her forearms on the floor and arching her back to raise her ass into the air.

Being taken from behind had always felt such a filthy act but at that very moment, she wanted nothing more. She was like a cat in heat, and with her mewling whimpers of frustrated emptiness catching John’s ear, she knew she wouldn’t have to wait long for him to sink his big cock back inside her.

“I asked if you want it hard.” As if to emphasize the last word, he chose that exactly moment to force his slick, throbbing cock back inside her depths in a single, forceful thrust.

“Fuck, yes!” She sobbed, through the damp hair clinging to her face. His big hands traced up and down her spine, pinning her firmly against the cool, rough floor as he enjoyed the droplets of perspiration giving her flushed skin a glossy sheen. John held her hips tightly as he thrust wildly into her slick, swollen cunt. Each of his overly enthusiastic plunges nudged against her cervix as he pummelled her helpless.

Grating tingles of delicious delectation prickled her firm, puckered nipples as they rubbed again the wooden floor, the swaying motion of their frantic coupling causing her breasts to sway pendulously. She gushed as tiny droplets of perspiration covered her whole body and each powerful thrust of his cock had her whimpering and moaning like a virgin being taken on prom night.

Despite her mind turning into a sex-addled mush, it focused very quickly on the teasing of John’s thumb as it slowly circled her anus. Each time he brushed over the centre, a small gasp escaped her moist lips and she shuddered with anticipation. Saliva dripped from the tip of his tongue and with perfect aim, landed in her buttock crevice before slowly trickling down. She clenched hard as he teased her, but relaxed with a little encouragement as he pushed it in slowly. Tight and unaccustomed to such stimulation, her bottom clenched and relaxed around John’s probing thumb. Wave after wave of warm exhilaration washed through her core and she began to push back into him more firmly.

A small chuckle of amusement echoed from behind her, “I think she likes it.”

Sweat-slicked fingers slid up her back and curled her burnished gold hair around a hard fist. With a slow, firm pressure her hair was pulled back, raising her head from its resting place on her forearm. John was in complete control and Kate loved it. Barely able to breath as her submission became absolute, in a profound moment of realisation she understood that she was at her strongest when she surrendered.

He was using her body for his own pleasure and the thought sent chills through her bones. As his hips slapped against her ass with delirious speed and vigour, Kate began to feel a stirring. Her neck ached and her knees were sore as the teasing signs of an impending orgasm flitted on the edge of her perception. A contracting of her torso muscles and a sensation of swelling from deep within had her gritting her teeth for the ride.

As she felt John’s controlled rhythm start to falter and his strokes become longer and more intent on depth than speed, he lay his hot, rippling chest and stomach along her back and ran his hands along her arms. The heat between them was intense as he slowly gripped her. She felt his strong, hot hands tighten on her delicate wrists, and in a final flurry of powerful thrusts, he released a guttural groan of carnal power. As John’s orgasm hit, his grip threatened to squeeze the life from her body.

The sound reverberated through her core as he began to spasm and pulse over and over inside of her. His bucking torso pressed heavily on top of her as a shiver ran down her spine and the tightening tension in her stomach muscles became painful. His mouth closed over the soft, sensitive skin on the back of her neck and he bit down firmly with his teeth, claiming her completely.

“Oh, John! I… I’m gonna come!” Kate could take no more; her body finally broke. Twelve months of building sexual frustration exploded in a cataclysmic cascade of clenching, squeezing pain and pleasure.

Wet electric shocks fizzled through her body covering every inch of skin; her nerve endings were on fire and left her reeling on a knife’s edge. The release poured forth like a torrent of burning desire let loose from its shackles. The monstrous orgasm that was now raging inside of her like a wildfire was consuming her whole. An intense heat of exquisite pleasure rolled through her body, followed by wave after wave of hot, vicious delight.

For minutes it seemed, his body pinned her to the floor as she continued to pulse and twitch around him. Eventually, he rolled his tired body off her delicate frame and lay on his back next to her . With their chests heaving and bodies sated, Kate barely had the strength to turn to look at him. The powerful, dangerous look of uncontrollable lust had disappeared; in its stead lay a vision of fulfilment and serenity.

With a voice that she could just barely muster, Kate blew out a big breath and exhaled the word, “Fuck.”

She glanced at John who had a look of youthful mischief on his face; his sly smile was decidedly endearing. In a quiet whisper he replied, “Yeah.”

Exhausted, naked and both looking every inch thoroughly fucked, they just lay together. Sprawled out on the dimly lit living room floor, their shadows were cast long and dark from the lamp in the hallway. As the chill of the cool floorboards began to goose-pimple her skin, Kate forced her sore, aching muscles to move as she struggled to her feet.

Their clothes lay scattered all over the room like a tornado had passed through. The sight brought a wry smile to her lips as they both collected their clothes and he dressed in silence. John found that he couldn’t take his eyes of her; the curvaceous flow of her hips, the swell of her breasts, she was gorgeous. She spotted him staring and blushed as she bent down to retrieve her crumpled, pink lace panties from the floor.

Even as she slipped them back on, Kate could feel John’s cum leaking from her and trickling down her thigh. As if by unspoken agreement, they both knew it was time he left. They made their way to the front door, Kate struggling on slow and unsteady legs before turning the porch light on.

“Thanks for, erm…” she croaked out, not exactly sure what to say after what had just happened.

He turned and smiled, enjoying how her hair was such a ruffled and tangled mess. Leaning in and flicking off the switch for the porch light, he whispered to her.

“We don’t want the neighbours talking now, do we? Especially as you’re only wearing a pair of panties.” The fact that she was barely clothed had not even occurred to her as an arm instinctively crossed her chest to cover her breasts. John stepped up close to her in the darkness and pulled her body to his, the scent of their heated sex just moments before was still evident in the night air around them. “Can I get a goodnight kiss?”

As she nodded her consent, he slid his hands down her back and gripped her bottom before leaning in for a passionate kiss that took her breath away. By the time their lips parted she was almost shaking from the intensity of the coupling. Slowly, he stepped away and strolled backwards down the steps as she leant heavily against the door frame for support.

“Can I call you?” Kate suddenly called out as she nibbled her lip nervously, her mind a fuzzy mix of sexual gratification and new romance.

John’s smile was intoxicating. He stopped in the middle of her front lawn and with a huge grin and a sweep of his arms, replied, “Anytime. I live next door.”