I Do Not Love You

I do not love you like a whisper on a breeze,
Or softly as the warm summer rain.
I am consumed each day by a ruthless hunger,
That glows like a burning ember buried deep inside.

We exist like a fire in potentia,
Waiting for the breath from that first kiss
To ignite an unforgiving and unrelenting blaze
That will devour us both once it is set free.

I do not love you like the morning welcomes the sun
With the sweet lullaby of dawn’s chorused bird-song.
We are as forces of nature, wild and impassioned,
Like a fierce storm that roars out in the open sea.

We love like the collision of two unstoppable elements
With the frenzied momentum of a desire so strong,
That only chaos marks our passing
From serenity into pandemonium.

I do not love you like a passion tempered by time,
But eagerly as the early hours of an embrace.
We love as though a lifetime had been spent just waiting,
Now one minute past having struck the midnight hour.

We live and breathe as a furious tempest,
Consuming with whole-hearted passion
All that we can possibly fare,
Seizing every second and giving nothing back.