Spun Sugar And Caramel Cream

Playful bright pinks and soft pastel blues,
Tangerine sherbet on the horizon infuse
A palette of evening hues
Which your heart and soul embrace with delight,
The majestic display of the eventide light.

Watching a consumed sun cast its last dying rays
Igniting cloud wisps in an empyrean blaze,
A final act of the day,
That washes gold sunlight so warm on your skin
That you eagerly relish it like a covetous sin.

As you lie on soft sand dunes with rushes that sway
And tufts of wild grass that whisper all day,
Yet have nothing to say,
But you’re happy to listen to for hours on end
Like the catch-up coffee stories of a long absent friend.

And breathe in the perfume of the salty sea air
And the comforting essence of her wavy beach hair,
Sun-bleached so flaxen fair,
Yet still damp from the sea like summer driftwood
And the surf and sand fragrance so alluringly good.

Yet sweet like spun sugar and caramel cream
Flowing around shoulders of a delectable dream,
Tracing an enticing dress seam,
Then hugging the curve of a delicate breast
That rises and falls with the breath in her chest.

And you could try to resist the inevitable kiss
Of slow-growing lust and a sigh of sweet bliss.
You’re so nervous you almost miss,
But your hand finds the warmth of her soft-swelling bust
As your tongue tastes the salt on her lips like a dust,

And she smiles in a way that makes your heart soar
As it beats in your chest harder than ever before.
You’ve both wanted more.
So what better way to excitedly cast off your clothes,
Than with a breeze on your skin and warm sand in your toes.

One Thousand

To say I was sorry, I really have tried,
A thousand nights alone I’ve cried.

A thousand times I’ve tried to be strong,
A thousand rights, a thousand wrongs.

I didn’t mean those words I said,
Now all alone, just me in our bed.

A thousand glances at the door,
Hoping, waiting, a thousand more.

A thousand messages on your phone,
Please warm for me your heart of stone.

I sit and wait for you, cold and wet,
Down on our beach, full of regret.

The very same spot where we first met,
A thousand days but not quite yet.

You’ve always been my very best friend,
From the beginning, until the end.

A cold wind blows, it’s winter now,
A thousand leaves, bare branches bow.

Biting wind cuts to the bone,
A lonely figure, all alone.

A thousand ships that sail the seas,
A thousand sails caught in the breeze.

A thousand sunsets I’ll wait for you,
From white to yellow and orange to blue.

They streak my face, a thousand tears,
Each one caused by a thousand fears.

Of never seeing you again,
My heart can barely take the strain.

I try your number a final time,
The very last step on this hill to climb.

My heart can’t take one more rebuff,
I’m fragile now when once was tough.

I sink to my knees, in the cold sand,
The tears fun freely, my head in my hand.

You sob to me that you’ve missed me too,
My body wracks with hope of you.

You’re on your way, you want me back,
The world turns white from darkest black.

Your words I needed, an emotional repair,
Elation and joy, from deepest despair.

I’ll kiss your lips a thousand times,
A thousand more to make you mine.

A thousand ways to say the words,
Half a million, perhaps two thirds.

You and I are, the greatest love,
Your body and mine, a hand, a glove.

A thousand times, you’ll huff and you’ll puff,
A thousand more is never enough.

Your body writhing under mine,
A passion for the sands of time.

A thousand moments of utter bliss,
But never again will I remiss.

To say the words, “I love you.”
“My body and soul, through and through.”

One thousand times, then I’ll be done,
Ok, maybe one thousand and one.