Rowing Boat

The sun ascended to its apex high
Traversing dawn’s rich clementine sky
Burning off the morning veil
Of misty haze so thin and frail

That it hung amid the old oak trees
Motionless without a breeze
Ethereal as a silken shroud
And humid as diluted cloud

That rolled in from the verdant shore
To creep across the forest floor
Drawing us to where reeds sweep
And bowed willows gently wither weep

Casting shadows on the surface still
Where drops of morning dew doth spill
And an ancient path of twisted wood
Over the cool deep water stood

With sun-baked timbers haphazardly lain
By long-ago hands as lined as the grain
Crusted with salt that glistened in light
And old fibrous ropes that gave up the fight

On pillars of trunks now dried and split
But to the elements would not submit
And sink beneath the surface down
Into the depths of river-silt brown

Creaking oars in weathered, rusted blocks
Disturbed the surface as if rocks
Had been hurled into the cloistered lake
To placid, glassy serenity break

But for those metronomic sprays
Prismatic in the high sun’s rays
That propelled us from the grassy bank
Out to where all turmoil sank

Where birds sang in full-throated ease
As they joyously danced on the soft, playful breeze
And our audience consisted of a solitary cloud
Carefree about passion spoken aloud

And all that was left was calm and free
A peaceful sense of tranquility
Where we could share a private word
Far away from all the world

Surrounded by numberless shades of green
Motionless as though a painted scene
Where prying eyes could neither see nor hear
And you and I could disappear.

First Light

We leave the kitchen a mess
of spilt milk, crumbled bread crust, and honey
dripping from a forgotten jar.

Breakfast is on crumpled sheets
clenched between tight fingers
and crushed under the weight of two.

Your heavy breath whispered between
hard kisses sinks beneath my skin
and warms my soul.

I can taste your scent in my mouth
as if licked from your hot skin:
hints of orange peel body scrub.

Heaven is to drink in your lips
and savour the taste of your tongue
exploring behind my teeth.

I live for these moments, bathed in sunlight,
teasing with those almost kisses and the
love that lives between them.

Lazy fingertips trace swells and valleys
of tight, aching flesh and
lacquered delicate creases.

But grace and ease give way
to tangled limbs that clutch and seize
with ever greater urgency.

The prickling heat of sweet agony is cooled
by the beads of sweat on our skin,
shimmering at sunrise like rain-soaked alabaster.

We dance in the glow of scattered amber,
an undulating braid of slick, hot love
and whispered, saliva-streaked worship.

Kiss better the red, burning marks
of lustful possession and
speak French between my thighs.

Breathless we writhe, clammy tussled hair
clinging to my face like a shroud
hiding hungry eyes all ablaze.

And without warning we set fire to the world
around us as we are voraciously consumed
until nothing remains.

You asked for everything I had to give
and without hesitation
my body answered.

And there we lie, sated and cocooned
in damp white cotton, gasping for air.
Just freckles and sunshine.