A thousand poets could endless write
and never find words to capture the sight
of heaven in eyes of deepest blue,
that I adore and inspiration drew.
They beckoned me closer to the edge
of love’s unstable rocky ledge,
where my fate was sealed with a single kiss
as I quenched my lips in clinging bliss.
A smile as warm as the summer sun
and all was lost, I was undone.
I am yours, my maiden fair,
and pity those poets in their despair.


New morning glistened from darkness rose,
Her first caress touched verdant green;
Softest kiss of warmth amber flowed
Climbing steadily over horizon’s screen,
Turning blacks and greys to blues and greens;
And when crowning in its sun-burst flame,
Set fire once more to the majestic scene;
Sun and moon play endless celestial game,
And rise and fall, their prize to claim.

To lay me down on soft summer’s earth,
A chartreuse bed of my volitions will;
Soft laughter played from our impassioned mirth,
A gentle stream of whispers: our love distilled,
By so few words my heart did fill;
Still touched with tone from citrine sun,
Chased away was moonlight’s chill;
Her lips a soft stroke of purest bliss,
To slip forever into a kiss.

Burning sunrise enflamed the sky,
Turning wisp of cloud to silken shroud;
Heaven’s incalescence reflected in lust-filled eyes,
An ethereal display as though the sky, God ploughed;
Deep breaths as hand caressed softest thigh,
Ablaze in a myriad of sensual hues,
Purest gold and temperate orange upon high;
The richest, sweetest honey dripped,
From kiss stained lips it slowly slipped.

As beautiful as the wildest flower,
With slightest touch did fingertips trace
And drink her in hour upon hour,
The angelic contours of her face,
And bask eternal in this elysian place;
Forever indebted to fate’s fair chance,
Arms enfolding in a loving embrace;
Dreams and prayers beseeched romance,
Now held by true beauty’s radiance.

Gentle breeze scented by blossomed boughs,
Sweetened it seemed for lover’s pleasure;
Her gaze sapped strength and did arouse,
A sigh and whimper of equal measure,
Entranced by deepest pools of cerulean treasure;
Her eyes carry promise of midnight’s charm,
In closing darkness I sink into their depths forever,
Silence and solitude envelopes all,
Into her eyes, I slip and fall.

Embalmed in darkness as daylight fades,
Surrounded in a serene blanket of desire;
Gaze cast upward, through the waves,
Sensation of belonging as though nothing prior,
A tranquil sinking into passion’s fire;
To the bottomless depth I slowly sink,
Until warm embrace propels me higher
And I feel my heart swell to the brink;
Until consciousness rescued, by a blink.