Sic Luceat Lux

Latin Translation: Thus let the light shine.

Too long in love with easeful darkness,
Replete with sorrow, filled to the seam.
Plucked from its depths to bask in light’s caress,
As if slipping supinely into a dream.

Poured forth from my lips my soul as sultry prose,
From a heart as heavy as weathered stone.
Words softly whispered, cadences a hundredfold,
From naught but love, and flesh, and bone.

The warming amber of dusk’s feathered gold
Smouldered above a vast ocean of deep blue and green.
Like a painting of heaven from rich days of old.
Like a vision no mortal should ever have seen.

The endless sky surrendered from dusk to twilight
In a cooling myriad of warm vivid hues.
To a somber cobalt from midsummer white,
Like an abdication from a playful muse.

With night, the indigo-ink of midnight true
Bled onto a darkened canvas of coastline, hewn
By reed-scattered sand dunes bathed in blue
From a full and lustrous summer’s moon.

Where I yearned to embrace her in eventide mirth,
And lose oneself forever and an age,
In her endless eyes not of this earth,
Like an angel of grace set free from its cage.

Soft of thigh and moist of lip,
In passion, swollen bosom heaved.
From her tender kiss I longed to sip
A stirring potion of sweet reprieve.

Sweeter than droplets of elderflower dew
And softer than snowflakes that fall in mid-spring,
I fell and sank into her embrace anew,
Not a word to say, nor a song to sing.

The fresh incense of honeyed peach and pear
Lingered upon the midnight breeze,
Where enraptured, I relished the essence fair
Of two souls embalmed in shadow’s tease.

The culmination of passion’s release
So desperately longed for, set me free.
Plucked my lifeless body from the earth
And helped it grow from seed to tree.

From the darkest places cursed to wander,
Fathomless and immeasurably deep,
My heartache grief now cast asunder.
All the joyous pleasures were ours to reap.

On cool soft sands I held my prize,
Under a canopy of countless stars from afar.
A million sparkles danced in her eyes
With all the lustre and beauty of a falling star.

So tender the night which bathed her from on high,
A full moon of majesty and her starry court.
Granted by heaven, and with a gentle breeze sighed
A soft caress of love import.


Plucked from her branch, perfect apple sweet,
In the heart of his own paradise.
Her centre a havoc of lustful heat.
His voice a litany of vice.

The act forbidden, her body unsung,
As his teeth broke her porcelain skin.
The flavour of her lingered upon his tongue.
Ravaged innocence their cardinal sin.

Dazed euphoria caused her mind to spin,
Revelled he in the joys of curious woman.
Wrought with emotional chaos within.
All the fire inside of her bosom.

But what now was lost to aching despair,
And torn from arms of desperate love,
Left him forlorn, vulnerable and bare
To wrath from heaven’s up above.

She was not his, yet he longed for her touch,
Forfeit now to fate and chance.
Her beauty, the world had never seen such
Victims of cruelest circumstance.

Time so fleeting, ’twas but a torment,
A grasping fist of golden sand.
It slipped and poured, a fleeting moment,
Grains ever drifting from his hand.

When all you are is who you love,
And knowing that they love you back.
That when they’re gone, a void of
Light, and all that’s left is darkest black.

That joyless voice that whispers wake,
A grinding darkness deep within.
Pouring hell, and ghosts, and forlorn heartache,
Crawling beneath your skin.

A glorious beauty his eyes now saw,
Like cloudless skies on a summer’s eve.
Upon the balmy, warm evening yaw,
From the rising heat, no sweet reprieve.

Breathtaking beauty on glorious display,
Where burnished sunlight framed,
A ghost silhouetted by the realm of day.
A hopeful, barren heart enflamed.

He reached to touch soft, tender wrist
And watched this vision turn.
Measured clearing of a sorrowful mist,
Fair face framed by hair auburn.

From his dreams it seemed, conjured she came,
That familiar smile upon her face.
A burning rose within a flame.
A heavenly radiance of grace.

Day gave way, a blanket of sunshine,
Amber warmth, and late the hour.
Hand took hand, their fingers intertwined,
And in her hair a perfumed flower.

Eyes of blue and bright with light,
Deep pools in which his heart could swim.
Giver of empyrean, sheer delight,
Sweet excess filled them to the brim.

To once more drink her lips of richest berries,
A soft touch which milieu hadst blurred.
Full and red as sweet ripe cherries,
Heart full, summer love doth stir.

The evening air filled with amorous sighs,
As starved hands grasped and plundered.
Passion captured in tremulous eyes,
In her heart, exquisite ravishment and wonder.

To lay again upon his love’s full breast,
And drift upon its soft fall and swell.
Awake, yet dreaming in a sweet unrest,
Listening to her tender breath’s spell.

To lay he wished, to his heart’s content,
A soul so sweetly spelled.
By gentle love and lazy languishment,
A roaring passion quelled.

Three little words to soothe the soul,
And wrap her in his adoration.
Fate’s broken pieces now made whole,
By a perfect creature of God’s creation.

Paradise Found

Through young willow tree ‘gainst which I rest,
Warmest sunset bathed upraised face.
As assiduous star slowly plunged from crest,
Above this tranquil, mute resting place.

Lulled to a slumber I float, serenely adrift
Upon a lonely sea of unfulfilled dreams.
Unconscious void, a welcome gift,
Through warmth of dappled amber beams.

Bright vibrant hues of the rarest of flowers
Flecked deep recesses, hidden and unseen.
From between the trees of tall ancient towers,
Amid the blanket of plush laurels green.

Yet despite nature’s beauty I forlornly languish,
Into a dream I quite welcomely fade.
A heart without love in sorrowful anguish,
Dissolving into summer’s blossomed-bough shade.

An angelic wraith from highest height,
Descended to the earth but for one, unseen.
From blinding light of clouded white,
To earthly shades of forest green.

An untold beauty from obsidian skies,
Filled me with longing, tight at the seam.
An angel of heaven did spell mine eyes,
But was it a vision, or a waking dream?

She walked through shadows, dark as night,
Like a star in cloudless midnight skies,
And passed into moonlight, glowing bright
In the shimmering depths of ancient eyes.

A spark of love conveyed the sign,
With rosy flush upon soft cheek.
In glorious beauty eyes do dine,
And through a sigh a soul doth speak.

Arms of sanctuary, tender and warm,
A calming embrace to consecrate
The melding into love’s pure form,
Until troubles fade and slowly abate.

A desperate heart that pounds inside the breast
And eyes that sparkle with unshed tears,
Feel softest hand rest upon heaving chest
And replace with calm the deepest fears.

Between cherry-blossom glades it blew,
Sweetened surge of evening valley-breeze.
Through luscious, rich autumn mane it flew,
A resplendent hue, with wistful ease.

Feathery hair, a warm burnished gold,
And lips as sweet as summer’s red wine.
Impassioned kiss from soul so bold,
With delicate touch of love divine.

Glistening upon her bosom’s swell,
The glorious flow of each delicate curl.
Kissed by a flurry from lush green dell,
Shimmering with the richness of a pearl.

A trembling whimper flowed between soft lips,
As love teetered desperately on the edge of abyss.
Her fingers cradled slender curve of hips,
As my soul bathed in seraphic bliss.

Deep in my heart, a throbbing ache
Radiated a glorious passion-heat.
As her mouth claimed mine, I began to break;
Submission to her intensity sweet.

I sank into eyes now vicious and raw,
As body burned in thunderous delight.
Kissed life-giving breath left me in awe,
As friction erupted into sparkles of light.

From frenzied peak we sank to rest,
Mind a storm of rapturous pleasure.
Held between flushed heaving breasts,
A happiness impossible for heart to measure;

Ethereal salvation in the black ink of night,
With quill, rewrote my story upon page.
Wet pigment flowing over parchment white,
Put all-knowing Fate into a rage.

She whispered beauty on this silent eve,
In my chest, my tender heart did pound.
Happy to fade and for this world to leave,
Once paradise lost, now paradise found.